Posicionarnos Content Marketing Curation #NowTrending: Weekly Content Marketing Trends | 5.25.2018

#NowTrending: Weekly Content Marketing Trends | 5.25.2018


\"memorialWelcome to Memorial Day Weekend. As everyone sets their sights on the three day weekend to come, you’ll start to see all kinds of posts on social media with people showcasing what they’re doing with their time off and brands announcing Memorial Day Sales.

But that isn’t the reason why Memorial Day was established in the first place, is it? We all know that Memorial Day is a day set aside to remember our fallen war heroes, and we think that it’s our duty to keep any social posts about the holiday focused on that point. We are in debt to the people who died for our freedom. Let’s honor the sacrifice of those we’ve lost by remembering the people that they were.

So in that light, we’re taking a break from being a bit slap-stick and punny this week as we give you the #NowTrending update.

Facebook is introducing new features and ad formats to Stories. New features include audio posts, a story archive and 360 degree photos without needing a 360 degree camera.

Facebook is bringing new features to Facebook Groups and the News Feed. Four new features are now available for Groups, including Admin Support, online admin education resources, a reminder message of group rules when a post is removed, and the ability for admins and moderators to pre-approve a member’s content. This will come in handy for the group admins as they keep their Group’s purpose true to its original intent.

Facebook will be adding three new Ads Manager options. From drag and drop metrics to a new campaign structure and a creative unit reporting tool, online advertisers will either cringe or rejoice. As many of us strategists can attest, Facebook’s “improvements” to Ads Manager often make placing ads more challenging during the roll out.

LinkedIn is hoping to facilitate the application process with a new feature called “How You Match.It’s like dating for companies and candidates! Candidates will soon be able to see how well they meet the requirements of a job, and if you have a weaker match, you’ll know to either make changes to your profile or find a better fit. We have a feeling this feature will improve the lives of recruiters in a big way!

Twitter is adding new badges for political candidates. Badges will now appear for candidates running for state Governor or U.S. Congress during the 2018 U.S. midterm general election. This is yet another feature to improve the transparency of politicians on social media.

Instagram is currently rolling out/testing numerous new features on the platform. Instagram has added the Mute Profile option, as well as the ability to turn regular profile posts into Stories. Instagram is also testing features to allow users to get insights into how much time they’re spending on the app and notifications for when all new content has been seen. (This feature may be a rude awakening to social media addicts!)

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