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Four Main Reasons Why SEO Is Here To Stay


Since the inception of SEO, it only seems like SEO is growing bigger and popular. Every business, small and big, experts and new internet users are running towards the latest SEO tricks. As Serpbook will tell you, SEO has a massive impact on how accessible your site is to search engines.

What makes SEO worth all the attention?

SEO values audiences

As a rule of thumb, customers are always right, isn’t it so? Your customers are the number one priority as a business, and as a website owner, audiences should be your priority. SEO best practices are angled to give the best value to people.

People want to find a significant value exchange for the time they spend online. People are looking for knowledge to consume and relationships to build on. They want to feel important, which is why audience engagement is a crucial part of SEO best practice.

Tactics that boost user experience like page speed, website design, web page navigability, readability, among others, are valued as SEO practices by experts and search engines. Google, for instance, is one of the search engines that has a high liking for websites with proper user experienced. What more could you want than to make your audience happy and rank for it? This is why SEO is not about to fade away and be forgotten.

Social media is all the craze

Social media is such a powerful digital marketing strategy that grew from a relational platform; every new internet user first uses the internet for social media. This way, it has become impossible to sideline the essence of optimisation to befit the social media audience. Many people are queuing on social media platforms to find information, which then redirects them to a website.

Since SEO involves the use of social media, it is unlikely that SEO will die any time soon. People need to be able to find you without strain, and site optimisation is the grounding factor to consider.

Domain authority and competitions

Websites are sprouting every day. Therefore, there is so much content to consume online. The problem is, there is a shared market that every website owner seeks to target. In your industry, several brands are offering solutions, even in your specific niche.

Your competitors are doing better than you because they have already embraced SEO, which could only mean that if you are not doing it, people might never get to know you. Building your domain authority online is just a headline story unless you in SEO, specifically, link-building.

Changing dynamics

Have you noticed that nothing is ever the same? Every year, technology changes. Developers are inventing newer ways of doing things, and the internet space is changing, not to mention the population growth. Today, the internet is not just for the young, which means there is virtually an audience for all types of products.

Since the world has gone digital, website owners need to figure out a way to remain relevant to their target audience, and because SEO is the route to follow, it can only grow more prominent.

Whether you embrace it or not, SEO is here to stay. The sooner you accept this, the quicker you step up your game to make an impact in your industry.

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