Posicionarnos Social Media Watch Out For Tyler Perry Scam Pages on Facebook

Watch Out For Tyler Perry Scam Pages on Facebook


Have you come across a Facebook Page that claims that US actor and comedian Tyler Perry is giving away cash and expensive gifts to his fans just for liking, commenting and sharing?  If so, don’t be tempted to participate.  

These Facebook Pages are scams designed to trick you into promoting the pages and visiting suspect websites. The Pages are not associated with or endorsed by Tyler Perry in any way whatsoever, and those who choose to participate will never receive the promised cash or gifts.

The scammers who create these fake Facebook Pages insist that people share posts and add comments to be in the running for the prizes offered.  Via this ruse, the scammers ensure that their fraudulent material reaches a continually growing number of potential victims.  The scammers are thus able to substantially increase their Page likes, thereby further extending their reach for subsequent scam campaigns.

Many of the scam posts also insist that you click a link as a means of registering for the giveaway. However, the links do not open any official registration document. Instead, they open a suspect video streaming website that tries to entice you to supply your personal information to view or download  “free” movies.

These sites often try to get you to donate or pay fees for a premium version. However, any sites that use scam Facebook pages and other deceptive tactics to promote their services should not be trusted with your credit card details or any other personal information.

Some versions of the fake Tyler Perry posts point to scammy online survey sites that promise the chance to win further prizes in exchange for providing your personal information. The information you supply will be shared with suspect marketing companies who will subsequently inundate you with unwanted promotional emails, text messages, phone calls, and letters.

Do not trust any Facebook Page that claims to belong to Tyler Perry if it does not display the blue tick icon. 

Examples of the scam posts:

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I’ve tried to report these fake profiles, as pretending to be a celebrity, but I get messages to my FB support inbox saying “a friend” reported a profile pretending to be me, and that it was not violating community standards. Is Facebook that dense?



I got the same message as Dave. Sometimes it helps to report the post itself as spam. However, when searching FB for Tyler Perry profiles, there are dozens of blank profiles just waiting to take the place of closed ones.



Is the fb message currently being shared by friends about a “change in algorithm” therefore you should “add a word and like” etc. a variation on this scam/hoax or is it indeed a legitimate idea?


Eric Gardner

This is why i never use facebook!

As usual great article i have been reading them for a long time!


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