Posicionarnos Social Media Social Media Marketing: SMM, Social Media Optimization & SMO

Social Media Marketing: SMM, Social Media Optimization & SMO


We will customize a social media strategy specifically to fit your business\’s unique needs, from expanding brand recognition and increasing website traffic to igniting your existing community.

Our social media services have helped clients:

  • increase website traffic
  • generate leads
  • obtain more social shares on their content
  • expand brand reach and awareness
  • build up social communities
  • target their ideal demographic more efficiently
  • create meaningful relationships with customers
  • gain a better understanding of their audience
Account Management and Monitoring

Whether you are looking for a partner to enhance your existing social media strategy or prefer to have Internet Marketing Ninjas fully manage your campaign, we have a plan that\’s right for your business. We will also identify where people are talking about you and help you respond to customer inquiries on social channels.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is becoming an increasingly important component of any digital marketing strategy. We will assist in showcasing your content across multiple social media channels to ensure that it gets in front of the right audience, whether you create your own content or are working with Internet Marketing Ninjas to create a unique digital asset.

Influencer Outreach

Social media is all about two-way conversation, and brands that spend more time talking than listening or engaging in conversation will ultimately not be successful. We will work with you to identify key influencers and tastemakers in your industry and identify ways your business can bring value to these users. We know that a great social media strategy isn\’t just about numbers – it\’s about relationship building and marketing your business to the right people.

Social Media Advertising

Because social networks capture so much information about their users, advertising products on social channels allow for a level of targeting unavailable on traditional digital advertising platforms. These advanced targeting options can increase the chance of conversion on your ads and get your message in front of the exact demographic you\’re looking to reach.

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