Posicionarnos Social Media Social Media Optimization-SMO– Facebook

Social Media Optimization-SMO– Facebook


Social Media Optimization (SMO) – Facebook

Social media optimizations (SMO) is the process where social media networking sites are used as a part of strategy to market and promote the product, brands, etc. by sharing the relative content that attracts the people to a particular website. There are too many social media applications such as, facebook, twitter, google+, youtube, pinterest, instagram, whatsapp, skype etc.

Let’s go along the facebook and it benefits in terms of social media optimization (SMO). Facebook is leading social networking site, which is available in web based as well mobile application. Currently it’s estimated that facebook has more than 1 billion active users all over the world. Once registered on facebook a user can search and connect to his friends, colleagues, relatives etc. Facebook provides multiple options of writing a post on the wall that can be visible globally, to the friends connected to you. Not only writing the post, but you can share this post on others wall, on any groups, communities, etc. which can be visible to every one related to these.

So here is how you go ahead now to promote your business, brand, product and website. You can create your business, company, product or brand page. In the page you can add all the information about your business, products, brand and website link. You can invite all you friends to like your page. You can share your pages to other community pages, business pages, groups and friends walls to attract and like your page. Since this process increases the number of facebook users get attracted to your products and may reach up to your website and may turn up to potential customers. But be careful, before sharing your page or info, as sometimes if you cross numbers of time of sharing page to other walls can be considered as spamming. So it’s wise to read facebook rules and follow them. Some pages or groups allow the sharing and some don’t.

Also facebook has the sponsor advertising options. You need to add some amount initially, target the location, users with reference gender and age. Once you have paid, facebook starts automatically displaying your company page on the users wall reference to the age, gender and location selected. Generally the reach of the page goes higher which can also generate potential customers who are interested in you products and get encouraged to connect to your website.

This is how facebook helps in social media optimization (SMO).


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