Posicionarnos Content Marketing Curation 45+ Tools for Content Curation and Content Marketing – Small Business Trends

45+ Tools for Content Curation and Content Marketing – Small Business Trends


Content curation and content marketing are hot terms today. Curation involves weeding through the vastness of the Web to find the information your audience will find useful and meaningful. Curation is one way to do content marketing.

This list of 50+ tools is meant to help you find, sift and organize, then share what’s relevant to your readers and audience. (We’ve updated this information for 2015):

Tools for Content Curation and Marketing

  1. Prepare.io is a new player aimed at helping you prepare and manage your content – think of it as the intelligent editorial calendar.
  2. If you have specific RSS feeds you would like to follow, but don’t have the code, Ukora News Search can help you find it. Loads of people love to use RSS to keep up with and curate the news and important topics.
  3. Delicious is certainly one of the most well-known Web services from the dotcom days. Their cloud-based bookmarking tool allows you to keep track of links and sites, via your computer or, of course, via your mobile device.
  4. Kuratur is similar to Paper.li in that it allows you to create your own blog newspaper with targeted content. It has a little more customization, though.
  5. The Addict-o-matic is really a curation search engine. You put in a term and it displays results from Bing, Friendfeed, Twitter, and a bunch of other sites. You then have this custom search from a healthy diversity of sites.
  6. Another option for content filtering and collaborative curation is Spundge. It lets you create public notebooks – not unlike tools like Evernote.
  7. Looking for a tool to help you collect content while surfing the Web? Bundlr creates a browser button to click content into bundles, which you can embed on your website.
  8. You can filter, collaborate with others, and share content using iflow.

Keeping up with the flood of content created on the Web is no easy task. These tools for content curation and marketing should help. Let me know in the comments what tools you use and why.

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