Posicionarnos SEO y Search Engine SEO Tips: Starting Your SEO Journey

SEO Tips: Starting Your SEO Journey


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Okay, don’t be embarrassed, but I’m going to ask a question I need you to answer honestly.

Are you neglecting your SEO presence?

Okay, now I want to ask a question that some of you might be expecting, especially if that last question didn’t make sense.

Have you started your SEO presence?

Search Engine Optimization, as people who don’t like abbreviations say, is your rankings on Google and other search engines when people are looking for you, your information, or your product. It’s how your name or product shows up on Google searches or other search engines or websites. How do you get it there? How do you go from starting out to getting ranked?

It’s actually simple, so long as you’re intentional about the things that matter. With the application of what follows, you can see strong growth in a few months. While that might seem like a long time, it’s really not. There is no immediate fix for poor SEO rankings, but there are things you can start today to help.

Well, this is the place to start.

Step 1: Keywords

Once upon a time in a beautiful, simpler internet, you used to just be able to spam the death out of a blog post or copy and it would skyrocket your SEO ranking. Naturally, the internet caught on. Since then, the art of keywords has become far more intricate and necessary, but they’re still vitally important.

What are the keywords that your industry is all about? Are you not sure? Dive into a research phase and hit the internet for keyword research. It’s pretty easy to figure out and doesn’t take much to figure out. Don’t let the research intimidate you.

You can obviously start with Google Keyword Planner and then there are plenty of other paid options that you can check out.

Once you have compiled your list of valuable keywords, make sure that your content has them intelligently represented throughout your content.

So, this sounds like a pain in the butt for a lot of people and it sounds like a bunch of work to be plopped down on a plate that is already full. But It’s not. All of these keywords should be things that you’re ready to talk about because they are relevant to what you’re doing. It should almost be natural that you hit most of those on your posts, blogs, and content you’re putting out.

Start implementing these keywords and you’ll see growth in a few months.

Step 2: Backlinks

Backlinks are crazy important for your rankings when it comes to SEO and they’re also huge for growth in general.

Is there chatter about you specifically or your product online that you currently know about? A quick Google search can tell you whether there is or not. If there are articles that mention you or your product, do they link directly back to your page?

They should.

That only seems fair, right?

While you can’t really control who talks about you, you can always reach out to them with a message saying that you liked the shout out and ask if they would be willing to link your name back to your page. It creates a handy hyperlink that will help pull traffic to your page, which is going to boost your SEO rankings. It’s also a great way to boost your own personal network.

But, of course, what if no one is talking about you? What if you’re new to your field? Well, reach out to people and spread the word about your product. See if you can get posts written about what you’re doing or if you can write blog posts for them and link it back to your page. It’s not hard and word will spread. It’s fantastic for building up those backlinks.

And, backlinks are vital for your growth, not only in the SEO world, but in your own influence. So take a quick look and see what links you can fill in that are already out there, but also see what new backlinks you can get out there.

Again, in months, you’ll start to notice the difference.

Step 3: Content, Content, Content

If you have content out there right now, make sure you keep it out there. The more content you have sitting on the internet about your industry with rich keyword layers, the better it is for you. Think of content as a wine, the longer you have it, the better it is. You want it to build and draw customers in and you want it linked to your other content. You want a web of links inside your own work to keep people moving from your content to the next.

The only way to get that done is to get content out there, and consistently.

But the important thing to do is to continually get quality and valuable information and advice out to your clients to help them rank. The stronger your content, the more that people are going to want to read it and word will get out!

Once you are in the habit of putting out strong content and leaving it there, the final step is to stay ahead of the curve. Stay informed and report anything of value back through your content. Get it in the hands of people first and you’ll be their first stop, which will get you ranked higher.

It’s just a matter of forming habits.

Now, there you go!

Three simple steps that will help your SEO game climb to the next level.

Start implementing them today and you’ll see it grow and it’ll be an excellent. But not only that, your funnels are going to punch their way to the front page of wherever you’re targeting! That’s going to be money, ladies and gentlemen! So snap to it!

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