Posicionarnos SEO y Search Engine Park Seo Joon And Park Min Young Have Steamy Kiss In Latest Episode Of \”What\’s Wrong With Secretary Kim\”

Park Seo Joon And Park Min Young Have Steamy Kiss In Latest Episode Of \”What\’s Wrong With Secretary Kim\”


For Episode 13 of “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim,” the drama saw an average nationwide ratings of 7.7 percent, and peaked at 8.7 percent. It was the most viewed drama among all the dramas that aired during the same time slot across both public broadcasting cable stations.

For tvN’s target audience of those aged 20 to 49, the drama saw an average viewership ratings of 5.6 percent and a peak of 6.7 percent. The drama continues to rank high in viewership ratings for the same time slot each week.


On the July 18 episode of tvN’s “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim,” Lee Young Joon (Park Seo Joon) and Kim Mi So (Park Min Young) began to grow closer to one another as their relationship progressed.

In this episode, Young Joon and Mi So’s secret relationship was in danger of being discovered. An employee had witnessed the couple on a date nearby their company and snapped a photo of the two. Kim Ji Ah (Pyo Ye Jin) realized that the woman in the photo was Mi So by her bracelet and her face reflected by the mirror. Taking this opportunity, Young Joon wanted to go public with their relationship, but they came into a disagreement after Mi So revealed that she did not.

Mi So’s choice for wanting to keep their relationship a secret was revealed when she told Young Joon, “I’m hiding for you, because you’re not a regular person.”

The two also showed the trivial matters of relationships due to their different ways of wanting to further their bond. Young Joon wanted to spend time with Mi So and express his love for her, but Mi So still felt awkward to display those types of affections. Young Joon was especially flustered when Mi So bluntly told him, “You’re like a bulldozer when you come right at me.”

Regarding this, Park Yoo Sik (Kang Ki Young) told Young Joon, “Keep in mind, this is Secretary Kim’s first relationship,” reminding him of the importance of keeping a steady pace when trying to reach the next steps in a relationship.

Young Joon later apologized to Mi So and said, “I’m sorry I was being too quick in our relationship. I think was being too hasty.” He revealed to her that he was unable to control himself with being set loose after nine years of steadily maintaining those feelings. He continued, “That time (kidnapping incident) was awful, but if I had to go back and go through that experience again… I’d do it Miso, just to meet you again.”

After this confession, Young Joon agreed to slow things down for Mi So. She was touched by sincerity and his love that always put her first.

The couple began to understand that love involved working things out together. Mi So went to Young Joon’s home after work and told him, “I’m sorry I said things without thinking about your feelings… Also, I won’t be going home today.” Young Joon, clearly flustered, warned her, “If we go back inside like this, I won’t be able to pace myself or stop.” Mi So responded by opening the door and entering first. Their relationship was furthered by a passionate kiss and Young Joon’s heated confession love to Mi So.

“What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim” airs every Wednesday and Thursday at 9:30 p.m. KST on tvN.

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