Posicionarnos SEO y Search Engine How to improve the quality of your SEO traffic

How to improve the quality of your SEO traffic


How to improve the quality of your SEO traffic


SEO traffic has a special place in website owner’s hearts. It supplies free traffic to their website based on keywords that visitors search for. Let’s assume that you have a website and that this site has some great traffic visiting & converting. However, you also have a fairly high bounce rates and this is consistent day over day.

The engagement and conversions are telling you that off page SEO is good, but your site is having a good ranking for the irrelevant keywords, as well as the search terms that the visitor is looking for on the search engine.

The high bounce rate indicates that the search term matches the search engine results page and your content is clicked but when they land on your page, the visitor spent less than 10 seconds on page or immediately left that landing page.

There are two solutions to a high bounce rate problem via SEO traffic

#1 Modify Content to increase keyword relevance

#2 Test landing pages using a landing page tool, to deduce key converting content

#1 Modify Content to increase Keyword Relevance on a landing page

#2 A/B Test Landing Pages – Find out which content is working for you

  • Now that you have a properly outfitted landing page with all relevant content, start testing it to see which content is driving more value for the page
  • Use LanderApp to build “A” & “B” or “C, D, E etc” variants of the page
  • Each variant can use these subtly different keywords that are still so relevant to one another
  • Test everything from sentence structure to white space to pictures/video content and more
  • Use a custom domain option from LanderApp and set up a 301 redirect on your website’s backend, your link juice will be preserved
  • So start driving the traffic to these various landing pages to get a clear picture of what makes your visitors convert – watch that marketing ROI rocket!

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