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Implementing Law Firm SEO


Efficient use of online marketing and advertising can greatly impact sales, traffic and other measurable outcomes. The effects apply to any business, whether online retail store, restaurant, dentistry practice or attorney’s office. Statistics published on the Lawyer Marketing website indicate that about 70% of people seeking legal information turn to search engine platforms like Google and Bing for assistance. Consumers in the US also visit an average of 4 law office websites before making the final decision on who should take up their case. With these sobering statistics, a law practice can easily build an edge over the competition by working out strategies that will place its site on the first page of Google, Bing or Yahoo searches. The most effective strategy to attain this goal is implementing sound law firm SEO, since it takes a more targeted approach.

In the law firm’s perspective, Search Engine Optimization collectively refers to the activities and concepts targeted at maximizing the law firm’s ability to appear favorably in the search engine results. Remember, law firm SEO means much more than supplanting keywords and page counts. It instead, means following best industry practices to market your law firm. If you do not have the expertise, you can simply get in touch with the right law firm SEO specializing in helping lawyers and law firms improve their web presence and rankings on search engines. According to Inboundlawmarketing.com, SEO offers law firms the opportunity to streamline their websites and make it more logical and responsive. For instance, the agency can leverage its knowledge of the algorithm as dictated by search engines to align the law firm websites to the approved algorithms.

The process of making the site clear and logical also involves organizing the key pages and content. It aims to make them more readable and accessible to the audience. The keyword for articles also important because it can improve search result for law firm websites. For example, when discussing the hierarchy of personal injury, the title can be structured with subsets like motor vehicle accidents, orthopedic injuries and spinal cord injuries. Under the motor vehicle injuries we can have subtitles like ATV accident, motorcycles accident and auto accidents. Some of the injuries that can be listed under the spinal cord injury include neck injuries, back injuries and whiplash injury.

On the whole, the services should be listed based on priority and the keywords placed strategically in key areas such as the home page and the various practice area pages. According to Jurispage.com, the following SEO strategies can help a law firm’s website rank high on Google search results:

• Creating mobile optimized website

Some few years ago Google took notice of the growing web traffic emanating from mobile devices such as tablet and smart phones. The move forced changes in the way algorithms are effected by imposing penalties on websites that are not mobile friendly. A responsive site will ensure the whole website content fits properly on the mobile screen.

• Using lawyer directories

Listing the site on relevant online directories is a great strategy to promote your law firm and increase web traffic.

• Performing site indexing and enhancing usability

Enhancing site usability is designed to help visitors locate what they need much more easily. The indexing process, on the other hand, makes it easy for the search engines to locate pages and index them so they can show up on SERPs.

• Focusing on specific keywords without overdoing it

In the past Google used to rank sites with many keywords on top of its search results. But this has changed with the introduction of a smart algorithm. Your website needs to have relevant keyword in the right places to enhance its readability and site ranking.

• Using blogs for outreach

Although the whole idea of blogging may seem time consuming and less desirable, it can go a long way to attract more traffic if the right words are used. The law firm can also add a few relevant educational articles that align with the practice to make the content more appealing.

The SEO Do’s and Don’ts

To enjoy the benefits of SEO, the law firm must choose the right SEO entity to handle online marketing needs. The experts will discuss a number of issues, including marketing objectives and winning strategies. A discussion on marketing objectives will certainly center on the benefits of applying SEO strategies. And a determination of what needs to be done based on budget and time. SEO experts are also best placed to analyze the market competition. And they evaluate the current website and domain names to identify the areas of weakness. Some of the outdated SEO techniques that should be avoided at all cost, according to Lawlytics include; reusing content, flouting search engine guidelines and fabricating marketing and performance reports.

AlgoRhythm SEO Services

Since SEO can improve the law firm’s visibility, the process of choosing the right law firm SEO is highly critical. AlgoRhythm is a leading SEO agency that uses proven and time-tested strategies to enhance a site’s visibility. It is doing in order to drive web traffic, profits and increase clients. The website optimization services offered by the firm include; authoritative content, site indexing, page speed analysis, site maintenance, SEO audit, social media marketing and integration. They also do internal link management and directory submission and management. Search engine analysis is a critical service that involves monitoring and evaluating a client’s SEO campaign. It aims of improving the site’s overall performance.

The firm also encourages application of credible links from legitimate sources. Especially, when it comes to setting citations and references as a strategy to boost the credibility. The use of authoritative content can help a law firm get noticed by prospects and clients and illuminate the lawyer’s expertise and experience to the outside world. Lastly, the social media integration solutions are designed to give the law firm more referrals from social media platforms. The other services offered by the firm include traffic analysis and reputation management. To get in touch with AlgoRhythm SEO experts, call 855-339-1736. Or visit the company website at algorhythmseo.com to learn more about the befits of SEO.

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