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Couple launches new job search engine for Rochester and Finger Lakes


Amorette and Raheem Miller of ShiftDiff.com(Photo: provided)


Amorette Miller was searching for a job specifically in Rochester this summer when she ran into a stumbling block. The Rochester jobs were on national websites and she had to go to specific company websites locally to find the jobs.

With a sea of companies large and small in Rochester, she thought, why not a local website? Amorette and her husband Raheem Miller decided to launch ShiftDiff LLC, a new job search engine focused on greater Rochester and the Finger Lakes region to help job seekers maximize their potential and search career opportunities across more than a dozen counties. The website ShiftDiff.com is already up and running and the couple will officially open their office at 30 N. Union St. in January.

ShiftDiff is open to any and all jobs in the Rochester and Finger Lakes region, from minimum wage to executive level, said Amorette Miller, 40. She is an advocate and former labor relations manager. Having owned a small clothing company in her 20s, her career has come full circle — and she strives to provide a strong support network for job seekers of every level, from youth to seasoned professional. 

Back in her teens, Amorette Miller got her first job at Irondequoit Mall by going to Foot Locker and applying in person. Job search is very different now and everything has moved online, she said.  

Raheem Miller, 42, is a charter school administrator and coach. He has worked with city youth as a mentor and counselor. His education background and her labor background make up the backbone of ShiftDiff.com.

In addition to the ability for job seekers to create a free profile, search and apply for jobs, ShiftDiff’s blog, The Lunch Break, offers trade tips and expert advice to prepare job seekers for the application and interview process as well as success in future careers. 

The name ShiftDiff refers to the extra pay received by employees for working a late night or evening shift, typically added to the base hourly rate before the calculation of an overtime rate. It\’s something Amorette Miller had to negotiate as a labor manager.


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