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Facebook starts testing ads in search results – Search Engine Land


Facebook announced Tuesday that it is testing ads in its search results. The test will run in the platform’s primary search results as well as in Marketplace search results.

Why you should care

Search is one of the few untapped inventory sources remaining on the social platform, which has seen many advertisers directing more budget to Instagram this year. The initial ad test in search results is limited to select automotive and retail advertisers, but if the company sees a promising response, it will open up search results ad inventory more broadly.

“We’re running a small test to place ads in Facebook search results, and we’ll be evaluating whether these ads are beneficial for people and businesses before deciding whether to expand it,” said Facebook product manager Zoheb Hajiyani.

Advertisers participating in the test can select “Search Results” as an additional placement option that will apply to both primary search and Marketplace search inventory. With the current group of beta-advertisers, ads may appear in search results for terms related to auto or retail topics. Advertisers cannot select specific keywords or phrases to target.

More on Facebook’s search result ad test

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