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Connecticut SEO Consultants & SEO Proposal | CT SEO Company


Connecticut SEO Experts & AdWords ConsultantConnecticut SEO Consultants & SEO Proposal | CT SEO Company

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CT SEO Proposal | Connecticut SEO

Connecticut SEO Experts is an SEO company based in CT with clients across the US. We have developed a validated method to achieve a client’s SEO goals. Our SEO process and management may be adjusted to fit a client’s SEO history, specific site errors, or specific needs. The client is provided a roadmap outlining options available to a client. Here is our SEO proposal.

SEO Strategy

We research industry, local, and competitor keywords and set to improve the position of the client’s top keywords. The value determined by average and expected AdWords cost-per-click, keyword volume, and competitiveness of term and industry. Competitor research to decide competition methods to get their rankings. Target added keywords that competitors are getting traffic from which are not ranking for the client or ranked too low. Discover local SEO and Google top 3 map pack opportunities.

SEO Tasks

  • Do multiple SEO audits. Discover errors which hinder SEO, and fix errors.
  • Run website speed report. Resolve issues which include adding caching, web code minifies, image compression, and other plugins.
  • Research industry, local, and competitor keywords.
  • Use SEO tools to find strategies used by higher ranking competitors.
  • Create citation directories entries to improve local SEO and increase the chance of appearing in Google top 3 map pack.
  • Install and set-up Yoast SEO plugin.
  • Optimize GoogleMy Business page adding other categories, posting high-quality photos, adding an (omit) description, and posting time-sensitive offers.
  • Do Google Mobile-Friendliness Test.
  • Optimize Meta Titles & Descriptions. META Titles appear in Google and are a strong ranking factor for SEO,
  • Ensure proper carry out of HTML headers. (H1, H2, etc.)
  • Add SCHEMA, code to the website’s back-end.
  • Inform Google of XML sitemap.
  • Research additional SEO-friendly content client may create a website.
  • Use onsite-SEO to improve content’s formatting, internal linking and URL structure.
  • Send report outlining work performed and hours used.
  • Create keyword ranking report to determine SEO success.
  • Will require admin access to the website,GoogleAnalytics, and Google Search Console.

Highly trained and certified in Google AdWords Management.

Connecticut SEO Experts provides SEO consulting services on a retainer basis. We begin with a ten-hours retained at the rate of $50/hour prepaid via PayPal. We will invoice.

Ten hours provides a week and a half to two weeks SEO work. May need additional hours at the start of SEO work or if critical flaws are discovered. The client may cancel services anytime.


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