Posicionarnos SEO y Search Engine Cast Of \”Youn\’s Kitchen 2\” Talks First Impressions Of Park Seo Joon, Possibility Of 3rd Season, And More

Cast Of \”Youn\’s Kitchen 2\” Talks First Impressions Of Park Seo Joon, Possibility Of 3rd Season, And More


On January 4, the cast and crew of tvN’s “Youn’s Kitchen 2” held a V Live broadcast to talk about the show.

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First off, producing director (PD) Na Young Suk talked about the differences between the first and second seasons. He said, “In season one, we ran a restaurant in Bali, Indonesia with tourists from all over the world as customers, but in season two, we formed close relationships with the residents of a quiet neighborhood in Spain.”

Lee Jin Joo (another PD of the show) shared the reason why she had chosen Park Seo Joon to be part of the cast this time. She said he told her about the various types of part-time jobs he had experienced. “He talked about things like washing dishes and throwing away food waste. He worked part-time jobs for a long time, and I figured he would’ve accumulated lots of skills in life.”

The three cast members from the first season revealed their first impressions of Park Seo Joon. Lee Seo Jin commented, “Park Seo Joon is tall and has a broad figure, so I thought I would be able to order him around a lot.” Yoon Yeo Jung said, “When I first met Park Seo Joon, I didn’t know who he was.” She humorously added, “I didn’t need to know about his personality. It’s not like I’m going to date him.”

Lee Seo Jin also stated, “Jung Yoo Mi liked it when Park Seo Joon got in trouble with Yoon Yeo Jung.” The flustered actress responded, “The scoldings I had received in season one were all received by Park Seo Joon this time. I was so shocked that I went to Lee Seo Jin and told him, ‘I’m glad I’m not getting in trouble.\’”

To that, Yoon Yeo Jung complained, “You guys are making me seem like I’m someone who scolds people a lot.” Then she added, “It was like a battlefield because the four of us, who have no experience running a restaurant, were trying to manage one. I won’t be able to do this show anymore.”

When asked if there’s going to be a third season of “Youn’s Kitchen,” Lee Seo Jin promised, “Of course. But we’ll only do it if the viewership ratings of the second season surpass 15 percent.”

The first episode “Youn’s Kitchen” 2 will air on January 5.

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