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21 Brilliant Ways To Expand Your Content Marketing Outreach


21 Brilliant Ways To Expand Your Content Marketing Outreach

Last updated May 30 2017

Content marketing can be so effective but it can also be very frustrating when you are sitting on a piece of quality content but you are unable to outreach it to a large enough or more appropriate audience.

We have collated a mixture of blogging platforms, social media opportunities, tools and services to succeed in your goal of driving as much traffic as possible to your amazing content.

Here are twenty-one ways which will help you to expand your content marketing outreach

This blogging platform can be used as a great extension to your own blog post, or even used as a driver towards it.

Medium is essentially a blogging hub, where you can get your writing seen. You can either adapt your current post for Medium, or simply import it.

There are very few rules and therefore you are able to insert all the links, branding and content forms you wish, without restriction. By including three tags in your post it will appear amongst the right people you want to see it.

Medium works well by incorporating your content into a narrative style, but that is not always necessary.

Here is a fantastic guide on how to use medium – http://bit.ly/249dYxS

We think that Flaunt is an excellent tool. Simply sign up and connect with your Twitter account and you will receive your first Flaunt content upload. Once it is live on the database, you will begin to see shares of your article on Twitter from other people on the platform.

Everybody will Flaunt each other’s articles in order to earn more credits to upload new articles and so the process continues.

It is a logical and clever way to gain new and further exposure. And your article will be categorised so you can Flaunt other articles in your category so to keep in line with your industry.

Inbound is another platform which will give you the chance to gain added exposure to targeted people. Inbound prides itself as a community for sharing, learning and interacting with specialist marketers.

With over 150,000 active marketers on the database, it is a brilliant place to get involved with and share your content. When you choose to share something you will be asked to provide the URL link, title and then a short summary. You can then hope for upvotes, leading to comments and clicks through to your content.

This is another community for sharing articles with the aim of growing your content to more and more people.

Submit your content to GrowthHackers and once it has been analysed to meet the guidelines, essentially establishing if it is beneficial to the community, it will be available to be seen by other users of the GrowthHackers platform.

A similar platform to Flaunt, CoPromote gives you the opportunity to ‘Boost’ your content shared on Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr, Vine or Instagram and match you with thousands of other CoPromoters to connect you to the right audiences.

It also allows you to analyse its performance from the ‘Boost’ injection. CoPromote offers a freemium version with the option of Pro packages, allowing you to reach a greater audience.

6. LinkedIn groups

Groups on LinkedIn are an excellent way of outreaching your content to an extremely targeted group. There are so many groups on LinkedIn, filled with industry relevant people, so it is a brilliant opportunity.

Begin by searching for some keywords and then select ‘groups’, before joining the appropriate ones for your content. Ensure your appearance is not ‘spammy’ and you consent with the group regulations.

In some overpopulated groups it may be wise to post more than once a day, so that it does not just become lost in amongst other content. Make sure the title stands out and it will attract and drive strong amounts of traffic.

7. Facebook Groups

Like LinkedIn, Facebook’s own groups can be a way to expand your reach.

Though it is not a professional database like LinkedIn, Facebook is still heavily stocked with groups of large numbers to be targeted. Again, use the search bar to find the ones for you and begin to post.

An unknown social platform for many, Quora can actually be extremely effective for sharing your blog posts and driving traffic.

Predominantly it is a question and answer site and by searching relevant keywords to your content, you will find endless questions which you can proceed to answer using and linking your own blog post.

Quora is very harsh on self-promotion, so stay clear from mentioning your own brand and focus on the quality content you are sharing and most importantly why it relates to the question! You can then end the answer with your link, offering further knowledge or information.

Reddit is an extremely difficult nut to crack but do not be put off as it is well worth sharing your posts on the subreddits which are suited to you content.

The Reddit community is known for its hunting in pack mentality and hatred of commercial imposters. But you can be discreet and post in the right places in order to succeed in getting your content exposed. So do not discount it, and have a deep explore to gather if it can work for you.

10. Twitter

Twitter for your content is a great way to attract new readership. Using hashtags, scheduling regularly using tools like Buffer, obtaining retweets and likes, your content will gather more impressions by the day.

The life of a tweet is not very long, so be sure to reschedule and don’t worry about people seeing it too much!

11. Personal link sharing

This relates mainly to Twitter and also Quora, where you can identify and approach other accounts to share your own content. Similar to the previously-mentioned Flaunt and CoPromote concepts, whereby you share each other’s content for credits.

Here you are manually approaching potential influencers and entering a mutual agreement to like, retweet and shoutout each other’s content for the additional exposure. This can be applied to Quora by mentioning each other in answers and vice-versa. Check out this useful resource – Blogger Outreach: 9 Surprisingly Effective Hacks I Use With Influencers to Blast My Audience

12. Email Blast

Another way to expose your content to more eyes will be to blast out an email newsletter in bulk to your current client email list.

There are many platforms which will assist your automated and professional email send-out such as MailChimp and with quality articles it will lead to more opens and shares. You can encourage more sharing with social links or even website credits.

13. Mentioning

By mentioning anybody you have referred to or promoted in your content, you can alert them to this, and ask for them to share your post. Therefore it is a mutually-beneficial process, as they are sharing positive mention of themselves. Whereas you’ll receive further exposure.

You can approach them through Twitter, LinkedIn or email to inform them of their mention in your content. Find That Email is a useful tool which you could use to help identify the contact.

A paid subscription to Quuu is an ingenious method of generating more shares and access to your content.

Quuu is a database where accounts subscribe to use ‘hand-curated content for social media’.
And for a minimal fee, your content could be the posts which are subscribed to receive. Daily, your post will be recycled through social media by different accounts, depending on your payment. Exposing to thousands of new potential impressions.

Ninja Outreach is an all-purpose marketing tool, which includes blogger-outreach software with a database of millions of websites, influencers and large amounts of data.

You can see information including traffic and engagements, SEO metrics and contact information all for your content prospecting.

Search your desired keyword and add appropriate bloggers to a list. You can then begin to create a relationship by messaging them and manage it using various custom features.

There is a 14-day free trial which we recommend using.

Using a combination of Buzzsumo and Buzzstream you can create an elite influencer outreach list.

An influencer is somebody who has the power to enhance your content to a wider audience, and influencer marketing is fast becoming an essential method for projecting your articles.

Similar to Ninja Outreach, Buzzstream is another service which will enable you to reach out to influencers and relevant bloggers who may be interested to share your content. It is an outreach assistant and organiser and using it alongside Buzzsumo to identify the most shared content, you can see who has been sharing it. Then manage and organise your outreach.

Linkbird specialises in content marketing and understands its power and effectiveness. It can help you with your content research, planning, analysis and of course, distribution

The software aims to increase your reach, backlinks and Google ranking.

In terms of distribution, Linkbird will offer features such as, finding relevant websites, a mailing outreach system, CRM system and integration, along with social media distribution.

There are free trials available of their various packages, depending on how complex and detailed you will want assistance.

This cool tool acts as a ‘call to action’ extension which you can customise and add on to links which you share.

Normally, when you share a piece of someone else’s content through social, you lose your own association after they have clicked the link.

By creating your unique Sniply link, it will allow you a chance to extend the potential of driving traffic to your own site with a notification of your customised ‘call to action’, visible in the corner of the screen.

This is a similar concept which will give you full value from the links you share. Start a fire will create a badge which will include recommended content into the link you choose to share.

From there, any RT’s or shares of that link will also include your own recommended content, progressing the chance of your articles receiving traffic.

Koko are content marketing specialists who offer a content traffic driver which includes an in-depth consultation with their experts, an editorial calendar and a strategy document for four blog posts a month. This package comes at £500.

A content discovery enhancer, Outbrain’s engine is a solution for modern marketers, maximising exposure.

Outbrain will take into account the size of your business, and design an outreach strategy based on that, making your content visible on some of the biggest and most=respected online publications.

A great feature for Outbrain is that you can select a daily budget limit and it will customise to your needs and requirements.

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