Posicionarnos Posicionamiento web Watch: Park Min Young And Park Seo Joon Are Silly In \”What\’s Wrong With Secretary Kim\” Making Video

Watch: Park Min Young And Park Seo Joon Are Silly In \”What\’s Wrong With Secretary Kim\” Making Video


In the beginning of the clip, the two lead actors are rehearsing their scene in the hospital where he delivers a doll to her. Park Min Young reminisces of her childhood as she talks about how the dress of the doll looked really pretty before. Park Seo Joon mimics the way she speaks as he says, “Does it look tacky now?” The crew can’t help but laugh at his playful teasing.

However, once the camera starts rolling, the teasing stops, and the mood turns sweet and romantic as Park Seo Joon gives Park Min Young a tender back hug. They film the scene a couple more times, and by the third try, Park Seo Joon fans his dress shirt and implores, “Gosh, it’s hot! Let’s separate! I’m going crazy!”

Next, Park Seo Joon and Park Min Young prepare to film the scene where they enjoy ice cream together. Park Min Young wraps her arms around herself and claims that it’s cold. Park Seo Joon notices that and takes off his jacket so that he can give it to her, but she tells him that she’s fine and to put it back on, and he obeys her right away.

The filming officially starts, and Park Min Young asks Park Seo Joon how the ice cream tastes. Just then, the sound of a motorcycle fills the air, and instead of saying his real line, he wittily comments, “It tastes like a motorcycle.”

The two actors’ silliness continues as Park Seo Joon hangs playfully on the prop that is supposed to be the wall in front of her house. He asks, “Secretary Kim, I think I’m about to fall off. Can you catch me?” Rather than saving him though, she pretends to push him off, and he gives a light scream as he pretends to fall off the wall. Then he reappears and cutely says, “I’m right here!”

Check out their chemistry below!

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