Posicionarnos Posicionamiento web User Intent: How It Makes Your SEO Campaign More Effective? (Infographic)

User Intent: How It Makes Your SEO Campaign More Effective? (Infographic)


In today’s brand-saturated online landscape, those who understand their customer’s real intent for buying have the competitive edge over those who don’t. Whether the interaction is online or offline, having an in-depth understanding as to why a person seeks a solution is a key to creating personalized messages which when delivered at the right time and at the right platform, can increase the chance of that person from just a mere visitor to a loyal and paying customer.

While the theory behind understanding customer/user intent is not all new, its application in the digital marketing landscape has become more necessary for the past few years. In the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in particular, taking advantage of user intent has become more imperative as people’s search habits change and the algorithms evolve.

In the SEO standpoint, user intent is the purpose why a person searches online. People usually have five intent in mind when keying search queries – each of which largely depends on what stage of the buying journey the person is. By taking into consideration the intent of their target market into their SEO strategy, businesses can target the right keywords which present them with the highest potential of gaining leads and earning sales.

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To further discuss how incorporating user intent in your SEO campaign can make its effectiveness double or even triple its worth, here are the key takeaways of the infographic from Digital Marketing PhilippinUser intent tells your most important pages you should optimize.

  • User intent captures long-tail keyword searchers.
  • User intent helps create more personalized content.
  • User intent provides a clearer picture of your audience geodemographics.
  • User intent helps optimize landing pages.

To learn more on how understanding and incorporating user intent can impact your SEO, check out the infographic below:

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