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TNNG’s Google AdWords Explained


The No Nonsense Group offers Pay-Per-Click (PPC) or Google AdWords to clients who wish to advertise their business through search and display.

In a nutshell, when someone searches ‘wood look flooring’, a flooring reseller or vinyl manufacturer would want Google to put an advert at the top of the results page. This gives a business the opportunity to show their advert and harness a click to go to their website or specific page.

For Google Display, Google shows text or image adverts (usually called banner ads) located on websites people are browsing (eg News24, Gumtree, Private Property, Sky News, Huffington Post). The targeting of the advert is based on someone’s activity, demographics and/or recent searches, regardless of which websites in the world they are browsing.

For Google Search Ads: People are looking for you
For Google Display Ads: You are looking for specific people

Sounds easy enough hey!

TNNG combines over 20 years of advertising strategy & creative, combined with some clever tech, to get the most out of Google AdWords. Curated advertising copy & analytical keyword selection are used to reduce wasted budget on unwanted clicks and ensures the best possible ROI from your AdWords campaigns.

The TNNG Adword process:
(This is not a comprehensive list… otherwise, we would have to recite Google AdWords & Analytics setup guide)

AdWords keyword research
– Align keywords based on website, product/service & what people search
– Competitor & industry keywords currently not used on digital assets
– Add negative keywords & research possible false positives

Advert copywriting
– Include top performing keyword list as focus
– Include benefit, detail & readability
– Write headlines & body copy (minimum 4 versions)
– Tweak messages to fit character limit
– Check for Google restrictions
– Include advert Extensions: site links, callout extensions, geo extensions, call extensions
– Add Audience inclusions and exclusions

Account, Analytics & Website tracking setup
To measure results, assign attribution and optimise ROI based on real data:
– Analytics account setup (most people get this wrong)
– Add to Webmaster Tools (for SEO effectiveness)
– AdWords account setup & create tracking
– Add tracking into website (events & pages)
– Setup goals (events & pages)
– Conversion setup in AdWords (analytics goal linking)

Management and Reporting
We’re proud Google Partners and experts at giving insights. We do not just send figures, or explain figures, we (like you) want results. So if something goes up (or down) we want to know why!
We charge 15% commission per month (min R750) 
– Weekly management to optimise ads, keywords & targeting to:
~ maximise delivery
~ they are reaching goals
~ they reach the right audience
– Respond to Google’s alerts & recommendations
– Monthly Reporting using Analytics, Google AdWords & Reports.TNNG (our customised multichannel reporting tech):
~ insights or intelligence
~ why goals are up or down
~ multiple data source views
~ ROI recommendations

No two clients are the same. Some targeting may be similar, some products may be similar. So we tailor our creative, service and strategy to every client & their advertising budget.

We’ve kept this very simple to explain TNNG’s AdWord Process.

Leandra Koopman
PPC Manager: TNNG Media
The No Nonsense Group

TNNG Digital Media offers:
Programmatic Advertising Channels
– GeoClick\"™\"
– Wi-Fire
– Gimbal
– Facebook Network
– Google Network

Location Based Advertising Channels
(specifically for places or franchises)
– GeoClick\"™\" Location Based Advertising
– Facebook Network
– Google Network

People Based Advertising Channels
(specifically for brands, businesses & sales teams)
– Wi-Fire
– Gimbal
– Facebook Network
– Google Network

TNNG Digital Media’s “Why”:
– Attribution:
Our attribution model includes a bespoke social and website data analytical tool (Reports.TNNG), which can overlay data with a Sales Pipeline or CRM System. This allows clicks & goals to be assigned to converted leads (closed by your sales centre team).
– Programmatic:
This is where wasted clicks are discarded. Using tech, data & profiling an audience, we move away from “I think this will work” to what really works.

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