Posicionarnos Social Media This ‘Swim Reaper’ Instagram Account Is Absolute Gold

This ‘Swim Reaper’ Instagram Account Is Absolute Gold


We all follow at least one person on Instagram who seems to spend their entire life on the beach, but you probably aren\’t following \’The Swim Reaper\’ yet. He\’s basically the Grim Reaper\’s beach-loving cousin who can always be found snapping lit summer pics and waiting for dimwitted swimmers to make fatal mistakes in the water. It may sound morbid, but it\’s meant to send a pretty important message.

\’The Swim Reaper\’ is actually an interactive public service announcement launched by the government of New Zealand to promote water safety. Water Safety New Zealand estimates that about 105 people die from drowning each year in the island nation, with 56 lives already claimed this year. The worst part? These deaths are totally preventable, and most of them tend to befall young males who swim drunk.

If you\’re currently in a place where beach weather is a thing (lucky you), always be sure to swim with caution, so the only time you\’ll see the Swim Reaper is on your phone screen.

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