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The AdWords 2x budget change: How\’s it going?


When Google announced that campaign daily budgets could spend up to double their setting, some shrugged and others thought it could cause real problems. A few weeks ago, I asked people on Twitter if they had been impacted by the change and checked in with others who said they’d had issues.

It was a mixed bag. Many have had no issues at all. Others, well, it hasn’t been all roses. Here’s what I heard.

First, some of the good to neutral responses.

“Just like the previous 20 percent incarnation, this has produced no issues (210 accounts in our MCC). It all evens out just fine,” said Brett Dixon, director of DPOM. His agency hasn’t seen any negative impact from the change. Dixon added that some accounts use third-party bid and budget management tools “so that may help with pacing,” but overall he has seen no problems.

Giacomo Iotti says the couple of budget overspends he’s seen in accounts yielded good returns, which of course is the ultimate good.

Nils Rooijmans said he has seen 200 percent daily budget overspends, particularly the first week of the month. He and others, including digital marketing consultant Duane Brown, said they rely on an AdWords script to monitor daily budget overages.

Now for the neutral to bad end of the spectrum.

Digital marketers Garrett McGregor and Robert Brady said the change has meant having to spend more time monitoring budget pacing.

James Svoboda, CEO of WebRanking, said a new, unproven campaign launched on the seventh day of the month spent 2x the daily budget in each of the first three days it ran. The overspend did not yield a positive return on ad spend. His AdWords rep indicated she had heard similar complaints from several other advertisers. The recommendation he received was to reduce the daily budget by half initially so that the 2x spend limit would be the actual budget limit he’d wanted to set originally.

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