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What is Social Media Marketing (SMM)?

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is an Internet marketing strategy with a focus on using social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and LinkedIn to bring in potential customers to your website. Unlike search engines, social networks are able to identify personal information of users who are signed in. Therefore, providing specific demographic targeting when it comes to marketing.

How does Social Media Marketing (SMM) work?

Social Media Marketing (SMM) campaigns usually involve the following:

Why is Social Media Marketing (SMM) Important?

The social connection between users is the most important element in social media marketing. In real life, communication and trust are essential before making purchase decisions. Apart from that, getting reviews and advice from friends who have bought from a particular company is also valued. From a business point of view, the rate of closure for a potential customer who is undecided will be a lot higher if they have trusted people around them who have a positive review after performing business with the particular company.

Take Facebook “Likes” for instance. If a particular brand has a Facebook page consisting millions of Likes, it would definitely portray as a popular and trustworthy brand. The brand would appear more trustworthy if the people in your own network, like friends and family, also likes the page.

Who should do Social Media Marketing (SMM)?

Social Media Marketing (SMM) provides a cost-effective way for businesses to reach out to a large number of users for branding awareness. Moreover, the campaigns are spread through links that are shared by user’s trusted sources hence, there is a potential for better results. All businesses should consider doing SMM as part of their online marketing strategy.

What are the advantages Social Media Marketing (SMM)?

Targeted audience

Paid social media advertising tools like the ones provided by Facebook allows business page owners to define target demographics based on user data as specific as:

Word of Mouth

Word of mouth is one of the more authentic and effective ways your business can be marketed. Social media “Shares” and “Likes” are akin to word of mouth – potential customers will trust the products or services recommended by friends or family on their social network. With more “Shares” and more “Likes”, the better the public perception is of your brand.

Free Advertising

Similar to Pay Per Click (PPC), you can setup Facebook advertising and only be charged if a Facebook user clicks on your ad and gets redirected to your website. You get free exposure if no clicks are registered.

Cost effective

Your advertisement will only be displayed to people in the social networks who are your specific target demographic, therefore ensuring you only pay for what you get. As highlighted in the earlier point, you only pay when a user clicks on your advertisement.

Increase Brand Awareness

With a large number of user base worldwide and the potential of content spreading virally, social media is a very good channel to increase brand awareness.

Better Customer Experiences

Social media is a communication channel just like emails or phone calls. Many customers spend time on social media channels; therefore, it is likely that when they have compliments, feedback or complaints, they will do it through the social media channel. Businesses can then respond and publicly demonstrate customer service level.

Points to take note on Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Similar to Pay Per Click (PPC), advertising on Social Media Marketing such as sponsored posts will depend on the budget and the sort of engagement you want to pay for – clicks or impressions. If your budget is used up, your promoted post will no longer be shown to your potential customers.

Example: If you have a $1000 marketing budget per month, this equates to $33.33 per day. If your promoted post costs $1 per click, your budget can only last for 33 clicks for that day. After 33 potential customers have clicked on your post, your ad will not be shown anymore until the next day.

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