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Social media content curation made easy


Do you struggle to find interesting content to share on your social media feeds? You know that your feeds need to be more engaging to help you build followers, engagement and community. However, you really struggle to find all of this great content. You can’t find it quickly and basically you can’t find good quality content without it turning into a bit of a nightmare. Don’t worry. I have a really simple checklist formula that you can use to help make content curation quick, easy, and really hassle free.

Let’s get stuck in.

Content curation made easy

The first step is to create a social media calendar. You don’t want to find all of these great ideas and all this great content and then not be able to put it anywhere. You need to organise it, so that it makes sense. If you don’t you’ll end up losing the content links you’re about to find and you’ll be back to square one, with a great big headache.

Do this in whatever way works for best for you. It could be a simple spreadsheet. Or maybe use Asana or Trello; whatever’s your jam. It just needs to be somewhere you can note; the social media channel you want to share it on, the date, the post text and the url.

The next step is to set up a Google keyword alert. This is so easy and it’s really something that loads of people miss. You just go into Google alerts and you add key words that are relevant to your niche or industry. So, for example, I might add ‘blogging’ or ‘female entrepreneurs’. Then every time content appears on Google that has those keywords, I receive an email with links. You can choose to roll them up and receive one email a day or receive an email each time an article is posted, it’s up to you. This is literally going to deliver content to you which is going to be perfect for your audience or has a good chance of being perfect without any of the hassle.

Twitter can also be a great source of content too. You can set up Twitter alerts exactly like the Google alerts. You can receive alerts when a person, keyword or hashtag is mentioned. Again, you can set up the parameters to suit you. It’s a great way to cut down the noise and basically have a pool of content that you can look at, re sharing what is appropriate.

The next place you can look is Buzzsumo, which is a brilliant platform that curates lots of content. If you search by keyword, you will find really hot or trending blog posts in that area with that keyword. So again, it’s just a great place to be able to go in and source content from.

As the average user is on Facebook quite a lot it makes it a great place to source content from. It is definitely one of my favourite places. There is so much content on facebook that you would be really hard pressed to find something that would be suitable for your audience. When I’m scrolling through my feed, iI will save anything which would work for one of my pages or groups. Then when I need that content or I need something for group, I can just go through my saved posts and see which ones would be most suitable for that group or that page at that time. That’s a great way just to turn an aimless scroll on Facebook into something a little more productive! You can even search keywords, as you can on any platform. That way you’ll find more targeted content that might also be worth sharing with your audience.

An often untapped source is the email newsletters you receive. No doubt you’ve signed up for quite a few newsletters….. Some of these are going to be sharing links to their own content, but also links to content that they’ve seen elsewhere. If they think it’s good enough to share, maybe it’s good enough for you to share. Now you don’t have to share that just with your email audience, you could take one of those links and share it with any of your audiences.

Pocket is a really great way to file away and save information that you find on the web, but it also has a function where you can search for content. It’s basically a content aggregator, so you can look on there and find great things that you can either save into your Pocket folders or you could share straightaway on one of your platforms.

Another place you can look is Medium, which is a popular blogging platform with great shareable content. You can search it and see whether there’s any content from there that you could share that would resonate with your audience.

Sometimes you might not want to share an entire article or post. Maybe you just want a little snapshot of something. Perhaps you’ve already shared a post in the morning and you need something else for the afternoon. If that’s the case consider a quote. I love a quote much to my husband’s dismay! Pop over to the quotes page on the Good Reads website and find a great quote that you can use. You could post as it is or you can add some of your own copy with it. Even just to share why you love the quote. It doesn’t take much effort and it might produce quite an engaging piece of content.

The next step it to look at what’s trending on Pinterest and Google +. Both of them have a search function that let’s you search for trending topics. Simple reshare anything which is a good fit for your audience. It’s so simple. They’ve done half of the work for you and told you what’s gaining traction. Now all you have to do is to capitalise on that.

There you have it. Some really great places to go and look for content that you can reach with your audience. Content curation made easy. Just know you go to these nine places on a weekly or daily basis, store, schedule or simple reshare.

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What are your favourite places to find great content to reshare with your audience?

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