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Setting up a Content Marketing Strategy | MKELS.COM


\"settingB2B marketing professionals use content marketing, but few understand that there are major differences between effective B2B and B2C content marketing strategies. Churning out boring information is out; a B2B marketer has to be innovative to get the attention of his or her target audience.

Define your ideal customer profile based on what type of company is the most profitable for you to target and then narrow your audience down ever further by defining your ideal buyer persona as well. Now you can develop a content marketing campaign that will attract qualified leads.

Personalize Emails

Once you have defined your audience, segment them into groups. Categorize both existing customers and leads, and then send either personalized emails or emails with personalized subject lines. Marketing emails are only spam when they are not relevant to the person receiving them.

Use LinkedIn

Create in-depth educational content to place on your website and then use LinkedIn ads to reach buyers. Place a link to the content in your ad, urging your audience to click on the link. You can define your audience by job title and industry to insure that you are reaching the right audience.

Create Content for Industry Publications

Write the best business content that you have ever written, and then pitch it to relevant industry publications. Ask the publication if you can include a link back to your company website at the end of the article. If you submit compelling content, they will most likely publish it.

Create Guides

Develop one or more guides, such as how to select the right widget, and offer them for as downloads on your website. Capture leads for your email list, segmenting the lead by which guide they chose to download.

Other Media

Promote videos or webinars on Twitter because many people would rather listen to or watch content, as opposed to reading it. The medium you select will depend on your desired audience.

Be Informal Occasionally

You don’t have to make piece of content formal and business-like. A decision maker at a computer manufacturer does want to know why your business’ power supply units are better than your competitor’s units, but that person has other interests as well. Include some humorous content about the industry or breathtaking images that will catch the decision maker’s eye. Let the person know that you see them as a person who enjoys great content, not only as a buyer.

Finally, at least half of your content should be evergreen. Don’t just tweet about your content once and forget it. Promote the same content a month later to attract new leads that hadn’t seen your previous tweet. Increase your return on your content investment by repurposing content as well, such as turning a webinar into a slideshow presentation.

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