Posicionarnos SEO y Search Engine SEO BASICS : ON-PAGE SEO AND OFF-PAGE SEO



My friend asked how to get first rank in google, so i tell to him for knowing basics of seo. You must find a professional who have given evidence, not some sweet promise. If not may will be losing thousands of ringgit without satisfactory result.

I do not write someone has deceived, any techniques used to improve the seo should go back to the basics which is divided into two on-page and off-page seo.

 Also known as on-site seo is the great ways to increase website ranking on web search engine. All the techniques that are used only in the website like;.

  1. Web optimization.
  2. Meta tag.
  3. URL seo friendly.
  4. Heading.
  5. Outbond links.
  6. Inbound links.
  7. Image optimization and seo friendly.
  8. Sitemap xml.


We should know and should do off-page seo after improvement the seo on-page, all the techniques is do in another website that aims to increase the domain autority or to get the backlinks. Some of the list;.

  1. Submit sitemap xml into webmaster tools.
  2. Submit the website into web directory.
  3. Build the backlinks into network.
  4. Share the website into social network.
  5. Build a local seo.


Before i continue, i want advised that does not copy the style of my blog to improve the seo. I have used over 10 large-sized images 2500px of width and 1406px of height for slideshow, this is very bad if you don’t know to optimize a website, it will take a very long time for loading. I also used a large-sized image for background on every page. Do not copy, very very bad.

Web optimization is the answer if you ask how to make blog that fast loading, not only real human spider of web search also likes the websites wit fast ping and low-size but full of contents. Some of the notes that should not be left is;.

The hosting that have good performance usually using SSD as storage, ssd can be faster up to 60% if compared with hdd. I use HOSTING RAJAWALI for my blog and get more space at the cheapest prices. Selection of server location is up to you, server located in USA is the best for seo while the local country server is the best performance for local audience but it unsatisfactory for seo.

Do Not Use Image As Background.

The background is greatly affects the weight of blog size, highly recommended to use a solid color like white. Avoid of using black and dark colors, make sure it is small and compressed if you want to use images. You can use output options in photoshop or another software to compress the images.

Max Wide Content and Mobile Friendly.

Do not use full width of page for content, the best size max width of content box is 800px – 1000px then use mobile friendly theme to automatically resize of page when accessed using the smartphone.

Using the Appropriate Images.

An appropriate image is the image has original size same with the area or box size, do not put image with 1600px of width into coloumn content with 800px of width. Smaller the size of images means lighter the weight of blog. Avoid put the images in the header section.

Use Lazy Load for The Images.

In wordpress this method can be done by using a plugin, so easly just add the plugin and automatically add lazy load code to every images.

This is a method of compressing the .css, .js, and html codes. On wordpress can be made by automatically using plugins and manually by using the online tools. You can google it.

In wordpress we can add a plugins to setup web cache, cache will saved during the period that assigned. So it will increase the speed of loading a website.

Content Delivery Network.

This method is very popular and widely used for large website to store the images,css and jquery in another server. The clients will be directed to access the nearest server based on ip address location.

The cloudflare will provide the answer for minify, cache and cdn method if you don’t know the basics of knowledge. Just add your domain to their dns services then activate the application.

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