Posicionarnos SEO y Search Engine SEO 101 Tutorial Videos

SEO 101 Tutorial Videos


The SEO Tutorial Videos below expand on our SEO 101 series of optimization fundamentals. Dive deeper into advanced SEO strategies, including a focus on localized optimization as well as global implementation, along with other varied topics. These videos are designed to be short, yet thorough, glimpses into each topic, providing you an overview to grasp these concepts and start applying right away. Have any questions that come up while watching? Contact us.

H1 Tags

You must know the importance of using headings on your site, and, in particular, the H1 tag. We’ll show you how to find headings on your website, and determine if you’re properly using them to help show your readers, and search engines, what your web page is about.

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Page Title & Meta Tags

We’ll discuss which meta tags are important to have on your website, how to see if your website is using these meta tags, and if you are using them, how to make sure they’re optimized. You’ll also learn how to optimize page title tags to show up properly in the SERPs.

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Internal Links

It’s important to understand best practices for internal links on your website, and how to use them to improve the experience of your human visitors and your search engine ranking. Having an internal link strategy is important for every content creator.

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Creating a Sitemap

There are two types of sitemaps: XML for search engines and HTML for your human visitors. In this video, you’ll learn how to see if your site has a sitemap, how to use a free tool for creating your sitemap and where to submit your sitemap once you have it.

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Alt Text Optimization for Images

Understand how to determine if your images are using alt tags, title tags, and proper URL naming structure. Image optimization is an often overlooked step but is important for user accessibility and for the potential of showing up in Google Image Search.

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How to Pick the Best Keywords

Even though keywords don’t have the power they used to, they are still essential to your SEO strategy. We’ll also discuss the art of balancing competition with the volume of searches for a particular keyword or phrase by using the Google Keyword Planner tool.

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