Posicionarnos Social Media Residents In Oregon Are Losing Their Minds At The Thought of Having to Pump Their Own Gas on Social Media

Residents In Oregon Are Losing Their Minds At The Thought of Having to Pump Their Own Gas on Social Media


With a new year comes new state legislation. Some new laws have already made national news, like more states allowing recreational marijuana, but there are a few other laws that have been overshadowed. One state is having an intense debate about motorists having to pump their own gas without an attendant present.

The state of Oregon signed a bill in June 2017 scheduled to take effect January 1 of the new year. The bill may come as a surprise to many as residents in some states were not aware full-service gas stations still existed.

Residents in rural areas in Oregon now have the option to pump their own gas. The ruling specifically states that gas stations in these areas do not have to do away with the full-service gas attendants, but the bill is simply giving them the option.

The key word in this new legislation is “allow.” The only stipulation in the bill is if your town has a population of 40,000 or fewer people, the gas stations now have the option to choose. Now, normally, this would cause little concern as areas in Oregon and New Jersey are the only two states that force a gas attendant to pump gas.

The Associated Press conducted a census that found only a “handful” of stations plan to do away with the gas attendant. This didn’t stop people from losing their minds on social media platforms though.

An angry horde of Oregonians have voiced their displeasure by sounding off on Facebook. Some commentators worried about getting sick, while others claimed they would die if they had to pump their own gas. Yes, this is real life.

One user claimed she had lived in Oregon her entire life and made it clear she will not be pumping gas.

Another user tried to think about those losing their jobs but quickly shifted to the thought of her having to stand out in the cold.

Sadly, one user had to bring her wardrobe into the equation as an argument as to why she shouldn’t have to pump her own gas.

It should come as no surprise that some of these comments are indeed satirical in nature. It may be a new year, but the same people that we all held in disdain for the last year still seems to be running rampant on social media. Happy New Year All.

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