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PPC Training and Certification


Pay per click or PPC is an internet advertising model where a company pays a fee to enhance the visibility of their website. Pay-per-click is called so because companies pay only for the clicks their ad copy generate, making this model highly efficient.

Paid campaigns have a high ROI and are effective ways to bring converting traffic to a site. Certified PPC managers are in high demand because few professionals train themselves in the technicalities of PPC. A PPC certificate validates the competence of professionals and assures potential employers that the individual they hire has the required knowledge to lead or conduct a campaign successfully.

Here at Market Motive, we strive to provide the latest content that is in sync with current industry standards. Thanks to our experienced trainers, our courses are regularly updated to reflect current market trends. Changes in the market are carefully analyzed and infused within the courses almost as soon as they occur.

No, you won’t. Market Motive’s course is the whole deal. Along with our class, you can access to video lessons along with downloadable workbooks, practice exercises, end of chapter quizzes, and sample projects.

Our reputed instructors are certified Subject Matter Experts in their fields. With combined decades of experience, they bring tremendous digital marketing knowledge to the course.

  • Stephane Hamel – Stephane Hamel is one of the biggest names in the domain of Web Analytics. In this module, he trains participants to collect, organize, analyze web traffic data, and improve site performance.
  • Todd Malicoat – Todd is an expert in the digital marketing industry and trains participants on search engine optimization and how they work.
  • Bryan Eisenberg – This New York Times bestselling author is a fantastic trainer. Tips to get more traffic and how to optimize your conversion rates are all part of his curriculum.
  • Matt Bailey – The founder and president of SiteLogic is an expert in his field and trains professionals in the fundamental of Internet marketing

For experienced digital marketers, the job market looks bright and rosy. According to LinkedIn, there are about 40,000+ digital marketing positions in various specialties of digital marketing. In recent times, the number of digital marketing jobs has increased while the number of skilled professionals has not, leading to a boost in demand for qualified professionals in this domain.

Participants who wish to enroll in the class can do so on the course page. Once you sign up for the course, you can pay online using any method given below. Once we receive the payment, you can view your receipt in your inbox and access the course.

  • Visa Credit or Debit card
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Diner\’s Club
  • PayPal

Market Motive trains its students to clear their PPC exam on the first go. In the event this does not happen, you can take the exam once more without incurring additional charges.

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