Posicionarnos SEO y Search Engine Park Min Young Opens Up About Dating Rumors With Park Seo Joon

Park Min Young Opens Up About Dating Rumors With Park Seo Joon


On August 1, the actress sat down for interviews with multiple news outlets about her hit tvN drama “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim.” In addition to describing her experience working on the drama, Park Min Young also responded to the recent slew of dating rumors linking her to Park Seo Joon.

Park Min Young was firm in denying any kind of real-life romantic relationship between her and her co-star, stating, “First of all, [the rumors] aren’t true. I saw the evidence that supposedly proves that we’re dating, and none of it was true. That made me a little angry.”

She also specifically addressed the rumors that she had traveled abroad with Park Seo Joon, reporting, “My mother tried to give me her passport this morning. She said, ‘If people look at my passport, they’ll see [that I was the one you went on vacation with and not Park Seo Joon], so take this and show them.’ I don’t know if people will believe me when I say this, since there have already been so many articles about it, and so many people already seem to believe that [we’re dating].”

The actress went on to share that she felt exhausted from having to repeatedly deny the rumors. “I found it psychologically burdensome,” she confessed. “During my [press] interviews yesterday and today, I thought it was a shame that I was spending so much time talking about the dating rumors. It’s emotionally taxing to have to keep clarifying that each detail isn’t true. I just hope that things will quiet down now.”

She added, “I usually don’t drink much, but it upset me so much that I ended up drinking last night.”

Park Min Young revealed that the reason she felt so stressed out by the rumors was that it had begun to affect the other actors who appeared in “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim.” She specifically expressed her regret that her other co-stars had been forced to spend so much time addressing her rumored relationship with Park Seo Joon.

“At first, I tried to just laugh it off,” she explained. “But [Hwang] Bo Ra‘s, [2PM’s] Chansung’s, and [Pyo] Ye Jin‘s interviews started being published yesterday, and all the headlines were about [our dating rumors].”

“Chansung even stated outright that he found it a shame,” continued Park Min Young. “So I felt incredibly sorry, and that’s when I started to take this seriously. Because they worked so hard, and I know how much heart Chansung and the other actors poured into ‘What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim.’ That’s what I found most upsetting. It’s not just about me, but many more people than I thought seem to have been affected [by the rumors].”

Park Min Young went on to declare, “If, in the future, I end up meeting a great guy and have good news to share, I’ll go public with it. But what’s for sure is that I’m not getting married [right away]. Right now, I’m at a point where I’m focusing on this career that I love so much.”

If you haven’t already seen “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim,” check out the first episode below!

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