Posicionarnos SEO y Search Engine Latest SEO Strategies to Improve Your Site’s Ranking and Authority in 2016

Latest SEO Strategies to Improve Your Site’s Ranking and Authority in 2016

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These days, there are increasing numbers of entrepreneurs who are turning to the internet to expand their market. And their only hope to attract pool of potential clients is by using the right SEO marketing strategy. However, search ranking algorithms innovated over time; it has now become more sophisticated and smarter. Effective SEO techniques used before have now become a black hat or gray hat. And if you are not mindful enough, you will end up being penalized by Google. Hence, a lot of businessmen are raising similar questions; what SEO techniques will work best this 2016?

Some would go for guest posting to increase the traffic of their sites. However, this is what Google’s previous webspam head; Matt Cutts said about this; “Guest posting is no longer as effective when building links. If you are still doing this now then you are with some really bad company”.

According to Matt, the reason why guest posting no longer works is that most bloggers do not give importance to the value of their articles’ content. All they are up to is to get a link. And they just comply with the minimum requirement to meet that end. However, this does not mean to say that guest posting can no longer be used. In fact, this can still be effective if the blogger’s post is in-depth, relevant and excellent. This will create more social shares and drive authority to a site.

There is one good way to get high quality backlinks speedily and this is with the use of infographics. This is because these images are intuitive and allow you to send the message across quickly. To make things work on your favor, embed a code on your infographic. Anyone who will use this image on their site will need to use this code. Use your site’s URL on the infographic’s embedded code. And once the user will attribute your infographic when posting this on their site, this will create a hyperlink leading back to your site. Using personal blogs can also help. This will come up with contents that feel personal and natural, driving more traffic to your site.

SEO experts also advice that you beat the champ by making use of contents that are found to be performing well in the web and use this as your basis in writing. Also, download the sites link to this article for you to use. You can also go an extra mile and conduct interviews to the experts. Remember that the more reliable your content sounds, the more you will be approached by readers.

The best way to increase your site’s ranking is by leveraging content marketing to increase linkability. And this will work best if coupled with a targeted outreach like encouraging social sharing or proper content linking.

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