Posicionarnos Social Media Instagram ‘star’ sobs in viral video at idea of having to get a real job after her account was deleted: ‘I am not work material!’

Instagram ‘star’ sobs in viral video at idea of having to get a real job after her account was deleted: ‘I am not work material!’


A video of a 21-year-old social media influencer crying hysterically about not wanting to enter the workforce is going viral on the internet.

In the video, Jessy Taylor of Tampa, Florida, yells at, cries to, and warns her followers against reporting her account. Taylor says her previous account — which had over 100,000 followers — was deleted after people allegedly reported the account for being spam.

What\’s going on in the video?

In the video, which she shared on YouTube, Taylor — who now apparently lives in Los Angeles just to be an Instagram star — can be seen sobbing openly at the prospect at having to perform like a normal adult in the real workforce. She adds that her biggest fear is that she\’ll end up a drug-addicted prostitute living on the streets if she can\’t be an internet star.

\”I\’m nothing without my following,\” she cries. \”I am nothing without my following.\”

Taylor, who apparently went to college and previously worked at McDonald\’s, says she\’s in debt and has no skills.

\”I want to say to everybody that\’s been reporting me, think twice, because you\’re ruining my life, because I make all of my money online — all of it! — and I don\’t want to lose that,\” she wept.

\”The people who work 9-5 — that is not me, I am in L.A. to not be like that,\” she insisted.

Taylor, who admitted to being a former sex worker, said that she simply couldn\’t go back to that life.

\”I was a f***ing prostitute,\” she admitted. \”I used to strip every single day. I don\’t even do that s**t anymore because I make all my money online. I don\’t want to go back to that life.\”

She continued, lamenting her time as a former McDonald\’s worker.

\”I used to work at McDonald\’s before I did YouTube, Instagram, before I had 100,000 followers!\” she cried. \”Before I had everything in my life I was a f***ing loser!\”

She concluded her video with a plea. Or a demand. Or something.

\”I\’m not work material! I will never be work material! So stop f***ing reporting me on motherf***ing Instagram!\” she warned. \”The last thing I want to do be is a homeless prostitute in the f***ing street doing meth. That is the last thing I f***ing want to do so stop f***ing trying to ruin my life!\”

According to the Daily Mail, Taylor\’s other social accounts — Twitter, Facebook — have between 3,000 and 4,000 followers a piece.

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