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Graham Baylis – Search Engine Marketing Consultant – Serendipity Online Marketing


Graham Baylis was born in 1957 and has therefore seen the birth of the Internet and experienced at first hand, just how it has changed the World we live in.

His first exposure to Computers was in the 1970’s when he bought a Sinclair ZX81, progressing over time to the Amstrad CPC 464. However, it was not until 1983 that he really started using them in anger, programming computers in Fortran and Cobol whilst taking this HNC in Computer Science. At that time, programming meant using cards and punched tape. My how things have changed over the years…

The first job he held which involved computers started in 1984, in the DHSS in Bootle on Merseyside. Whilst working in a section dedicated to bringing computers into every office in the UK, Graham produced a number of computer based systems to assist in the day to day operation of the department.

In 1987 Graham transferred to the CCTA (Central Computer and Telecommunication Agency), part of the Treasury. Here he ran the help desk and marketing programme for what was then quite new, that of an electronic mail system, complete with secure connections to allow for better interdepartmental communication, IDEM. He was promoted later that same year and later took control of the section until a successor for his boss (who had left the Service) to be appointed. During this time he represented the department in Brussels and at the Institute of Electrical Engineers.

In 1988, he left the Service and joined AT&T in Redditch as a Project Manager, assisting their rollout of a band new form of communication system (one that at the time you may well have used without knowing it, if you had booked a holiday at a high street travel agent). His other jobs at AT&T included Logistics, where he created a stock control system that ensured that the right equipment was available. He was also appointed Information Manager, this being the time he first became involved with the Internet. Seeing the potential, he wrote a short paper and submitted it to mangement, getting approval to set up an Intranet for the installation department. This soon became the ‘go to’ place for information and was well recevied by all.

In 1999, after leaving AT&T, Graham set up his own Internet Company, first as a web designer, later moving the focus of the company, first to Google Adwords (Pay per click – Search Marketing) and later to SEO. Since then he has worked with a whole range of clients, from the small one man band, to large multinationals.

Mostly self trained, he has attended numerous webinars and courses, his most recent certification being from SearchEngineNews:-

SearchEngineNews SEO certification 2019

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