Posicionarnos SEO y Search Engine Dos and Don’ts of Researching Keywords to Improve SEO

Dos and Don’ts of Researching Keywords to Improve SEO


Dos and Don’ts of Researching Keywords to Improve SEO

SEO keywords not only help sites when it comes to search engine indexing, they also help see to it that people find your website when they search for something that you might be offering. It’s extremely important for businesses to know how their consumers refer to their products or services. Having the right keywords in the right amounts will help boost your site’s ranking on search engines like Google. You should not craft content for your website without first thoroughly researching keywords. Below are seven dos and don’ts to researching keywords.

  1. To find the best keywords and phrases to use, it would be best if you do not just run one search. Do multiple initial searches then go through the process again month on month. In doing so, you will see patterns forming and general trend insights that will do your business a lot of good.
  2. Also, do keep in mind that if you plan on using search ads for your website, targeting the most common keywords can be a tad expensive. This is because you’ll surely be competing with your industry rivals for the same words and phrases. But if you have an expanded list, you have plenty of viable terms to play with. You can gain traction for your site without much of an expense compared to if you vie for easy, common, or popular search terms.
  3. Now that you have keywords, do make them work for you by incorporating them into your site content. Focus on areas of your site that carry a high-appeal index. This means that you should use keywords in places that the visitors will first notice them like in titles, categories, and even on URLs. Also use them on Meta tags, anchor text, and path files.
  4. Don’t attempt to create something per keyword, as this will be an impossible feat.
  5. Don’t stuff content pieces with too many of them as well.
  6. Do group these words and phrases. Create easily scaleable and manageable groups of terms and create content to carry these groups.
  7. Do create your own variations of these words and phrases apart from the general keywords that you find through your research. Put yourself in the shoes of your consumer and this will help ease this process out.

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