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Content Generator – SEO Content Machine Review and Tutorial – Product Reviews & Marketing Tools


Hi there! How are you all SEO junkies doing? We tried out the recently released SEO Content Machine (SCM) and thought to let you know what we felt about the software and also to give you a detailed in-depth tutorial on its usage. We have been using Kontent Machine (KM) for quite some time to produce required content but we had been in search of some other application that could up the ante a bit and generate better quality content. It’s been about a month since we have got our hands on the SEO Content Machine and having tried a few things out with this application, we think that now we are better poised to let the world know of our experience with it and compare the two competing content production softwares.

This article features:
– Tier1 link building techniques through SEO Content Machine
– How to use SEO Content Machine (Content Generator)
– SEO Content Machine Advanced Options
– Features of SEO Content Machine
– Final Thoughts about SEO Content Machine

Can I Use Spun Content for Tier 1 Links?

You will find plenty of people out there who would suggest you to refrain from using spun and fabricated content for tier 1 links. There is no denying the fact that there is no replacement for the 100% original, unique and relevant content. However, by virtue of our experience in the SEO industry, we have discovered that if you are indulged in building huge quantities of backlinks, using good quality content generated and spun by dedicated softwares can go a long way in saving a few bucks. Moreover, if the content that is being produced is mainly geared towards getting a backlink, that who would care about its origin, authenticity and quality?

Let’s just consider it from this perspective: a good quality fabricated content will appear as if it has been written by someone whose mother language is not English. There will certainly be some mistakes with regard to the background and the article’s context. For example, let’s assume that your article under consideration is about chiropractic “adjustment”. Now, a content spinning software, due to its inherent limitations, will alter the word “adjustment” to something like “reposition” or “relocate”. While it may not be correct as far as the actual context of the article is concerned, but it will still be indexed by the search engines and hence your motive will be accomplished.

It goes without saying that the actual quality of your content that you intend to post and share will greatly be dependent on the type, nature and performance of the content doctoring software that is being used. We prefer to use both WordAi and Spin ReWriter to produce tier 1 content. SEO Content Machine also features a free article spinner module called as Soft Spin.

SEO Content Machine Vs Kontent Machine

SEO Content Machine (SCM) and Kontent Machine (KM) include features that are coveted by many of the SEO nerds who are fighting it out tooth and nail on daily basis to boost their rankings on the search engine result pages. That fact that it becomes a whole lot easier to manage largescale Private Blog Networks (PBNs) makes both the application pretty handy. The users can generate new content with the help of these softwares, doctor already written articles to one’s requirements and also automate the process of posting articles to a WordPress blog through formidable mechanisms that allow perfect scheduling. If you are a newbie internet marketer who is learning the art and science of this field, it becomes a bit of dilemma to choose one from among these two. Since, both the applications offer a similar set of features and promise almost same results and outcomes, a rookie SEO expert might not be able to decide which one would be the most suitable to his/her needs.
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Let’s have a look at the features boasted by the two mighty content generation applications. SEO Content Machine is an out and out winner in this section because of the myriad features it has to offer. As far as Kontent Machine is concerned, though it is equipped with all the necessary tools required to scrape article, doctor content and export it as well, but there is so much of stuff that SEO Content Machine can do as opposed to the Kontent Machine.

SCM has been designed in such a way that the actual emphasis of the whole software is intended to help the user produce really high quality, original and unique content through the provision of features such as:

In addition, SCM also includes a “Content Wizard” that makes it very simple for the user to follow a few simple steps without delving into too much complexities and churn out great content. Kontent Machine (KM) also comes with a similar wizard but it does not offer so much options and flexibility as that promised by SCM.

However, there are a couple of feature where KM is able to edge past SCM. These include the cloud campaigns or projects and the API. By virtue of its superb API, users can get content from any compatible link building software into Kontent Machine. In contrast, the SCM users have to first export the content from the link building software and then import it into the application. If the developers somehow are able to integrate the API used by KM into SCM, it will become unbeatable in the entire market and take an unassailable lead over its competitors.

How to Use SEO Content Machine

SEO Content Machine is extremely user friendly and it is exceptionally easy for even a new user to full it in all its awe and splendor and reap rich dividends. You just have to get the application running and with the help of the Content Wizard, you will be able to produce high quality content without any hitch.

Initially, you have to determine the format in which you want your articles to be exported. For the purpose of this specific tutorial, we will be choosing our articles to be exported into the RankerX format since we believe it to be the top-of-the-line tier 1 web 2.0 creator to have hit the shelves in a long time.

Spinner Selection

For the next step, the user has to decide on which article spinner is to be selected. We recommend you to go for Spin Rewriter because of the advantage it has in terms of speed over WordAi. If a user does not possess a paid content spinner, then he/she make use of the built-in free content spinner that comes with SCM called as Soft Spin.

The selection of your spinner does dictate the quality of the content that will be generated by the application but in a few moments or so, you will get to know what really makes SEO Content Machine so much better and superior than the Kontent Machine.

Keyword Selection

Based on our observations and findings after continuous usage of SCM over the last month or so, we have discovered that it boasts far greater rich than KM does. The user just has to type in a base keyword (we used the keyword “WordPress” for the purpose of this tutorial) and SEO Content Machine swishes its magic wand to conjure tons of relevant topics that will assist you in your search for the actual content that you are looking for.

Whenever we tried to scrape and find articles with Kontent Machine, we were not able to get anything with No Content Found message displayed in case we had entered some particular keywords. However, as far as SCM is concerned, we never encountered this issue and everything went through seamlessly.

Article Count, Quality and Links

Having completed all the above mentioned procedure, the application prompts the user to select the number of articles required and number of variations and alterations needed for each article. Mind you, the article will get less and less readable with the increase in the number of paragraph variations. The reuse of the article is actually determined by the number of paragraph variations selected by the user.

The user has to decide whether to opt for Readable or Unique settings. We prefer to go for the Readable option for tier 1 content. Once we selected the Readable option, we were informed by the application that it might be screened as duplicate content. However, on being tested on Copyscape, we found out the article to be 97% unique which is sufficient for tier 1 content.

Last but not the least, the users will be asked to add relevant links, videos and images. It is also possible to embed anything into the article. However, caution has to be practiced while embedding to ensure that the embedded item is supported by the platform to which it is being posted so that it works properly.

The software then asks the user to either initiate the project or choose some advanced options. It’s time to have a look at the advanced options now!

SEO Content Machine Advanced Options

This is an area where SEO Content Machine really gets so much ahead of its competitors that it becomes virtually impossible for them to even stand with their heads held high. Using the advanced options on offer, you can engineer your content as much as you like and look through some of the most authoritative and premium websites on the internet. We all know that with plenty of scraping softwares out there, users get restricted to scraping articles from websites such as E-Zine articles and other such undesired sites.

You’ll be amazed to know that with the help of SEO Content Machine, you can find article on websites of the caliber of Engadget, Hubpages, eHow, Huff Post and more. This feature, hence, lets you grab some seriously top quality content and articles as opposed to the garbage that one would find at websites such as E-Zine articles.

In addition, SCM offers tons of features with the help of which a user can tweak and configure one’s project in whatever way is desirable. We won’t be spending too much deliberating over each and every tiny feature that the application sports, but believe us, SCM boasts loads of features and each one of them has its own unique ability to help you produce the kind of high quality content that would not only keep your visitors engaged but also boost your rankings to unprecedented heights.

Tier 1 Content Creator

SEO Content Machine includes a tier 1 content creation module with the help of which you can mix and blend articles to produce some supreme quality tier 1 content.  One simply needs to type in one or more relevant keywords in the search bar and the rest will be done by SCM. It will look into premium and authoritative websites to find out relevant content for you. The users can even load articles residing on their local hard drives and USB drives and other storage devices of their machines in case you own tons of Private Label Rights (PLR) content.

It’s very simple to add the snippet to the document. One just has to double click on the snippet and off you go! A user can let the SEO Content Machine work its magic and do all the complex tasks for you by simply clicking on the Generate Article button. However, in case you want to exercise more control over the document, carryout a few customizations and modifications and perform some configurations, you can go for the manual rout as per your own volition.

Auto Post to WordPress Websites

This is another feature of SCM that is worth spending some time over. With the help of this feature, a user can automate the process of posting the generated content directly on to the WordPress website and Private Blog Networks (PBNs). For those of you selling Private Blog Network URLs or owners of largescale networks, this feature can do wonders. A user can handle PBNs with the help of both Kontent Machine and RankerX but the latter requires content to be imported into it. So, with SEO Content Machine, you can save yourself one extra step and hence some precious time.

Article Downloader

The users can also utilize the SEO Content Machine to look out for article without letting the spinning module to get activated. This can be very beneficial since a user can get hold of crucial articles that can later be mixed and mashed together to produce unique and original content.

We have not brought this feature into use since we produce content for SEO software and there’s a perennial need to doctor it to make it unique and readable. However, it’s always reassuring to have an added feature integrated into your favorite application.

Final Thoughts & Pricing

With the number of features, compatibility options, flexibility and customization options on offer, SEO Content Machine is certainly one heck of an application that has been able to make progress by leaps and bounds and has left its competitors staring down the barrel. We are of the opinion that SCM has been greatly ignored and has not been able to gather as much plaudits as it deservers because of the plain fact that most of the people out there consider Kontent Machine as the only reliable option when it comes to meeting massively huge content generation requirements.

The enviable ability to crawl through premium and authoritative websites such as eHow, Huff Post and Hubpages and look for high quality articles makes SEO Content Machine are real gem to have your in closet, safe from all the kerfuffle of the SEO world and never to let go off. Combined with all those tons of other fabulous features, SCM becomes a kickass software that manifests the seriousness, dedication and non-cluttered mindset of the developers who put some rigorous and extensive research into the end-users who would be using this superb application.

As mentioned earlier, we have been using SEO Content Machine for the last one month and we, for sure, are not reverting back to Kontent Machine no matter what happens. The amazing set of attributes and the superb quality that this fantastic software boasts have made us rethink and change our views about KM. SCM is by a long way our go-to and must-have SEO software dedicated to quality content generation.

Nobody should get the impression that we are trying to demerit Kontent Machine and are biased in our opinion. What we mean is that SEO Content Machine offers brilliant features and it does such a prolific job of churning out unique and original content that is not only readable but has the capacity to keep the user engaged, and hence makes it really easy for the search engines to index your content; thereby improving your website rankings.

There’s another arena where SCM takes the edge over its competitors. It is extremely reasonably priced as it costs just about $22 per month or $118 per annum. Moreover, it also comes with a lifetime option. KM on the other hand is priced at $37 per month and one can get the lifetime option activated for $217. SCM also offers its users a 5-day free trial that lets them use the application with its complete armory of features. KM, again, does not offer any sort of free trial till the time of writing.

If you have been impressed by all these exquisite features owned by SEO Content Machine, you can opt for a free 5-day trial by hitting this Order Now link or below 🙂

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