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Concept of Content Curation

Content curation  is an art of compiling information from a variety of sources and presenting them in a creative manner in front on your audience. Content curators compile the already available information from a variety of resources scattered around the web and compile them together in an organized fashion before their audiences. The curated content form a bunch of related content and satisfies specific user tastes. One may curate content on Cinema and gather the available content from the web together and all the cinema loving audiences might visit the content channel to find all the related information organized creatively in one place. This happens with the help of already available content curation tools.

Content Curation vs Content Marketing

Content curation  is different from content marketing in the way that the former uses available content on the web while the latter generates content on its own. It is the new form of content marketing and many businesses are using it as their marketing strategy.

 How to Curate Content?

Curating content is easy, we have several tools which help in compiling information from several resources and presents then before our audience in an interesting manner. You need to have links to various resources which you want to compile and then you may head forward to any of the listed content curation tools listed below. This process is easier than content marketing and also fun.

Content Curation Requires Creativity

You need to be creative enough to get the most out of content curation. Choosing the most relevant links, collecting images that goes well with the content, giving appropriate description to it and adding a personal touch into it are some of the ways you can add creativity to your content. Following the guidelines below would help to enhance your creativity while curating content:- 
1- Have adequate knowledge on the topic for which you want to curate content.
2- Gather possible sources of authority content.
3- Be versatile in choosing the sources i.e choose videos, infographs, slides, PDF’s etc.
4- Find out some recent sources of content related to your main theme. (Hint: Use Google real time search)
5- Find out images for sources that are not having images of their own.
6- Write a description with a universal appeal.
7- Start sharing the content at regular intervals remaining active throughout the day.
Some good examples of Content Curation

(50+ list of Content Curation Tools)

2- Curata
3- Curationsoft
5- Googlereader
6- Pinterest
7- Mytweetmag
8- Bundlr
9- Netvibes
10- Newspin
11- Utopic
12- Trapit

Content Curation Tools- Easy traffic (Content-Curate-Traffic)

13- Faveous
14- Collected
15- Kweeper
16- Pinboard
17- Tweetedtimes
18- Iflow
19- Pearltrees
21- Retickr
23- Shariest
24- Memolane
26- Stribe
27- Getprismatic
28- Zootool
29- Bagtheweb
30- Bonzobox
31- Skloog
32- Crayon
33- Mysyndicaat
34- Mediaheroes
35- Yourversion
36- Pageonecurator
37- Digg
38- Zemanta
39- Chirpstory
41- Trailmeme
42- Qrait
43- Sphinn
44- Technorati
45- Flipboard
46- Storify
48- Diigo
49- Flocker
50- Dropmark
51- Schoox
52- Feedly
53- AtomicReach

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