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Content Curation with Scoop.it


Content Curation is a process of gathering interesting and related contents from around the web and presenting them in a meaningful and organized way around a specific theme. The process of content Curation involves sifting, sorting, arranging and publishing related contents around a topic or niche. Simply a content curator chooses contents he finds interesting and shares them with his audience or a community. For example let’s say I am a guitar lover and I want to curate on guitars, I could share interesting posts I find on the internet on Scoop.it about guitars and maybe types of guitars etc.Sometime last year, I stumbled upon a content Curation website called Scoop.it and I have since then I have been using it to curate different types of contents on the web. Curating contents have become my daily routine and I am going to show you how I take advantage of content Curation to drive traffic to my blog.

You may have been meaning to ask me the following questions since you read the title of this article;

What is the use of content Curation or why is content Curation valuable?

What are the SEO benefits of content Curation?

Why should I curate other people’s contents?

 …..and many more.

I am going to try and answer all these questions in this article and hope you find the satisfactory.

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What is the use of content Curation or why is content Curation valuable?

There are millions of contents published every days on the internet and though most of them are junks (useless/low quality contents), content Curation helps you to select the interesting and relevant ones to share with your audience who have same interests with you on that topic or niche. Content Curation makes it easier for your followers to easily find same interesting contents you are reading, so they don’t have to spend lots of time looking for quality contents to read.

Content Curation is also another way to share what is new and trendy with colleagues and friends. Let’s say I have friends who are mostly interested with Apple iPhones, I can simply use content Curation to share hot and trendy topics on iPhones like on the day of release of iOS 7.

You can also build authority with content Curation just as Ileane of Basic Blog Tips rightly explained in this article “How To Curate Content and Build Authority With Scoop.it”. Get people to know that you know a lot about a specific topic using content curation. Use scoop.it to curate a topic or niche you know a lot about and earn followership, respect and authority.

What are the SEO benefits of content Curation?

Scoop.it is a PR 7 site already and growing, curating contents on Scoop.it not only earn them backlinks but could also drive massive traffic to the site where the contents were originally published. Get some quality link juice from Scoop.it to your site which will also help it to rank well and easily. Content Curation with Scoop.it will also provide your contents with a platform to get noticed, read, shared and subscribed. So get noticed with the quality and type of contents you curate and you can benefit from it in a lot of ways.

Why should I curate other people’s contents?

Content Curation is about finding and sharing the best contents you can find about a topic or niche on the whole internet. You can also curate your own contents but it is always recommended you curate other interesting contents from all around the web. Feed your audience with as much quality contents as you can find on the internet. Let them know you can’t just write quality contents alone that you can find the ones written by other good authors like you and be able to share with them.

Scoop.it is really an awesome curating platform with nice Pinterest-like theme and layout, awesome tools that make content Curation seem so easy. You can create your topics just like you can create boards on Pinterest, follow topics and be followed.

How I generate Targeted Traffic and Quality Backlinks with Scoop.it

Let me share with you a little secret I have been using to generate both backlinks and traffic to my blog. Once I publish any content on my blog, I search and suggest the post to topics covering or related to the post on Scoop.it and once it’s been accepted it will be curated on that topic’s wall and a backlink is created. This is also a great method of generating traffic for my blog, the more people find the content interesting they re-scoop it and the post gains even more exposure.

Warning: Please do not spam your links or content around the web so it won’t be marked as spammy link.

Now over to you, have you ever used Scoop.it for content Curation? What other benefits are there in using Scoop.it in content Curation? What is your view on this topic, do you have any questions to ask or contributions to make? Please use the comment form below. Remember to subscribe to my RSS feed.

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