Content Curation Tips


Content Curation Tips

Whether or not you created or curated the content for your website – YOUR #1 goal was to attract and retain readers. Getting and keeping readers is the name of the game!   It doesn’t matter if you use your website to sell your own products and services, or if you sell affiliate products. It doesn’t even matter if you profit from advertisers like Google Adsense.   


All of the content you utilize will help you attract new readers – but without a retention strategy (even if your content is awesome) it will be difficult to get your readers to come back again and again. There is simply too many other distractions on the internet to build a following of loyal readers without implementing a proven readership retention strategy.   

There are many proven readership retention strategies that you can choose from, which will prompt first time readers to come back to your website again and again.   

I’d like to discuss one of those strategies in greater detail today…   

The List:  

Even before social media, bloggers and marketers learned to harness the relationship building power of “The List” to grow their audience and profits.   

A simple “What’s New!” email from you sent out to a vast list of subscribers will boost the exposure of any new article on your website exponentially! You surely follow some of your own favorite topics – thanks to reminders sent via emails that are sent to your inbox.

Everyone does!

For example, I like to follow the progress of the “Solar Impulse” – the record-breaking solar powered airplane. I first learned about “Solar Impulse’s website” via a news article and was intrigued by the team’s solar powered flight endeavors. However, after not hearing anything about them for quite some time after they crossed the continental US I began to wonder what was happening to the team. HAD THEY CRASHED?

Worried, I did a quick Google Search, but I could not remember the name of the plane. Google search sent me in a million different directions – and it was only by chance that I discovered their website again.


Thankfully, now I am signed-up to the Solar Impulse newsletter. Now, I can keep track of these aviation pioneers in my spare time by opening and clicking on their latest link at my leisure – from my inbox! I have revisited their website many times since then – all thanks to their email reminders!

YOU could encourage millions of fans to return to your website again and again, via email, as soon as you discover a strategy that collects the email addresses of first-time readers.

However, you may find that collecting email addresses from first-time readers – is no walk in the park! For example, I rarely give my email address to anyone because I don’t like getting spam any more than you do!

There has to be a very good reason for me to give away my email address. You probably feel the same way – and agree that most people do also.

That is why most successful websites will offer something special to potential subscribers (a bribe) just for signing up to their list. If you create the perfect bribe, you’ll have no problem attracting subscribers – and your list will grow like the weeds in my backyard!

What is the perfect bribe? It’s anything people believe is worth giving you, their personal email address to get! It could be…

  • An Informational eBook or Report
  • A Newsletter
  • A Coupon Code
  • Instant Access To Private Content
  • A Secret Link, etc. Many things can make for the perfect bribe!

However, you are not done – once you have created the perfect bribe. You also need a system that…

  • Showcases The Value Of Your “Bribe”
  • Collects Emails
  • Delivers The Bribe

Most importantly, this system needs to work INSTANTANEOUSLY and AUTOMATICALLY!

If you make people wait to receive the gift they have been promised, you can bet they will not readily become your #1 fan! That’s why to collect emails you must use an AUTOMATIC landing page system. Once upon a time, I would hire a graphic designer and together we would code an automatic landing page system from scratch. …Or I would buy an off-the-rack landing page software to create the landing page system. However, since the advent of HTML5 and with more and more people using different devices like phones, tablets, etc. to visit my landing pages – I’m finding it increasingly difficult make these pages work properly. That’s why I was delighted to discover the online landing page app: 

Landing Page Monkey’s landing pages…

  • Work on all browsers and devices
  • Don’t require me to buy or host another website
  • Doesn’t require me to write html/css code
  • Looks great, and is fully brandable and customizable!

Why not visit the “Demo” link at the website link I’m giving you below to see some of the example landing pages that this app has created.

While you’re at that website looking at demo pages, why not grab some of the giveaways they are offering? If you do, then you can watch how the entire process works and get a bunch of awesome gifts! In addition, while you are collecting all of those gifts it will help you to realize how you could have landing pages just like these awesome working examples! You’ll also see how these landing pages could help you build your list automatically!

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