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Clickthrough Introduces Free SEO Audit App


Clickthrough Introduces Free SEO Audit App

Wednesday, 29 August 2018, 1:54 pm
Press Release: Clickthrough SEO Auckland

Clickthrough Introduces Free SEO Audit App

Clickthrough has just launched a new free SEO audit tool that enables companies to score their website and a competitor’s web pages against an established set of SEO factors.

About Clickthrough’s SEO Audit Tool

Over 80% of us use a search engine before making a purchase or using a service. However, you or your SEO company need to adjust your SEO strategy regularly to keep abreast of the way search engines index websites, competitor activity and changes in your business priorities.

Clickthrough’s new free SEO audit app has been introduced as a proactive tool to help business owners get a quick score of their website and a competitors web pages against a set of important on-page SEO factors, and adjust their SEO strategy accordingly.

How it works

This SEO audit tool performs an in-depth keyword analysis of any landing page on your website, and a competitor’s page, against a set of key organic search ranking factors. The results of the SEO audit are presented on your screen and emailed to you, most often within 30 seconds of submitting your URL, target keyword and your email address.

Your SEO audit summary scores your web pages against key SEO factors such as load speed, quality of URL, meta tags, copy and code, social linking, sitemap linking, mobile search, domain, and even analyses your backlinks.

It provides you with immediate recommendations that, if applied correctly, should allow you to fix any parts that are underperforming.

We recommend you contact your SEO Agency, or an SEO expert, to help you implement the recommendations from the results of your free SEO audit.

Keeping up With the Competition

Clickthrough’s free SEO audit app is a great way to help you get and stay ahead of your competition online.

Glen Maguire, CEO of the Clickthrough SEO Audit App, says: “If you want to survive as a business in 2018 and beyond, it’s incredibly important that you focus on SEO auditing as a vital component of your online strategy. With 80% of New Zealanders searching online before they buy, getting to the top of the search engine results is now integral for acquiring new customers. An increase in the rankings position of a page from 5th to 2nd could have a huge impact on your business. Our new SEO audit app is easy to use and provides a quick snapshot of how to boost the organic rankings of your web pages.”

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