Bing Ads PPC Consulting


A powerful PPC network by Microsoft  that requires careful configuration to achieve best results.

In Brief:

  • Bing can be a wise choice to expand available ad inventory while keeping focus on higher converting terms.
  • Some carry-over between Adwords campaigns and Bing is possible, but optimization must be done separately.
  • Landing pages can often be shared between Adwords and Bing.

Sometimes Big Ads helps to settle these questions of how to expand inventory:

  • Use Bing’s inventory to extend a proven, high-intent campaign?
  • Spend more on Google for low-conversion, lower-intent traffic?

BuzzMaven’s approach is to leverage all relevant, potentially profitable ad inventory for our clients independent of the network so long as the leads are high quality, the costs are competitive and the management of the campaigns can be done with available resources.  Bing Ads can fill an important role in this.

Typical Bing Ads Program Elements

  • Import High Intent Campaigns from Google Adwords

    Only importing “converters” from Google omits too many potential winners.  We use an intent model to import campaign elements that may work well on Bing.

  • Adjust Bing Ads Specific Settings

    Bing’s bidding and targeting setups are different than Adwords, and even after an import need attention.  The resulting configuration may differ from Adwords’.

  • Bing Ads-Specific Optimization

    The campaigns on Bing Ads will take on a life of their own and need to be optimized from this point forward as “Bing” campaigns.  Optimization involves maximizing quality score, minimizing costs and getting as many conversions as possible.

  • Leverage Bing Machine Learning

    Microsoft has built a very powerful keyword suggestion and bidding engine that works especially well if you know how to use it.  Some of the Bing AI suggestions are useful to roll back into the Google Adwords campaign!

  • Reporting and Analytics

    Any PPC program is dependent on data – and making sure that Bing Ads data is properly wired up keeps stakeholders aware of performance against goals.  Bing data isn’t as comprehensively interconnected as Google Adwords, so we build some special reporting.

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