Posicionarnos Posicionamiento web Atlanta SEO Company Creates More Effective Optimization Process

Atlanta SEO Company Creates More Effective Optimization Process


EverSpark Interactive has reinvented the SEO process with their new “90 Day SEO Sprint”.

Search engine optimization as an industry has existed for about 20 years. Though tweaks have been made to adjust to search engines’ algorithm changes, the industry mindset has always been that SEO is a marathon that could take up to a year to show results.

Atlanta SEO company EverSpark Interactive believes they’ve cracked the code to faster search engine optimization results. They call this process the “90 Day SEO Sprint”.

In developing the 90 Day SEO Sprint, EverSpark Interactive modeled the Agile method of project management, moving from monthly deliverables against yearly KPIs to quarterly deliverables against quarterly KPIs. That seemingly arbitrary shift has allowed the company to move the needle in unprecedented ways.

Chris Watson, CEO of EverSpark Interactive, says the evolution of the SEO process is long overdue.

“Agencies and clients have been caught in a limited perspective, one that results in a seemingly endless loop of vague deliverables,” he says. “By asking ourselves different questions, we developed the 90 Day SEO Sprint, we\’re very excited about it.”

However, Watson doesn’t believe this is the “dawn of a new era” of SEO. Rather, it’s more of a reorganization of focus.

“Historically, when a company hires an SEO Company, they have an agreed upon budget, but that budget is assigned too broadly,” he says. “By narrowing the focus and implementing a very specific process, we’re finding that the client is happy because the results tend to show up in a much faster timeframe than the usual six to 12 months.”

While this process isn’t a “silver bullet”, Watson says a project-based process is a far more efficient and effective way of approaching an SEO campaign.

About EverSpark Interactive

EverSpark Interactive was started in Atlanta, Georgia in 2009. Always focused on SEO, the company has been studying the Google algorithm updates since inception. As the algorithm has changed, so too has EverSpark. Boasting a client roster of top tier corporate clients, some of the biggest law firms in America and many familiar brand names, EverSpark continues to be at the deep end of the SEO pool. Priding themselves on innovative thinking, total transparency and measurement, the company strives to build dashboards that track what matters, focus on projects that move the needle and developing strategies that go beyond traditional SEO thinking. Learn more at .

Contact EverSpark Interactive:

Chris Watson
3340 Peachtree Road, N.E., Suite 1010, Atlanta, GA 30326

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