Posicionarnos SEM y Marketing en buscadores 8 Benefits Of Promoting Your LMS On A PPC Software Directory

8 Benefits Of Promoting Your LMS On A PPC Software Directory


Notable Advantages Of Promoting Your LMS On A PPC Directory

The competition is already steep. As more and more organizations realize the benefits of digital marketing, reaching your target audience will become even more challenging. Thankfully, there are still some cost-effective ways to promote your LMS without putting a strain on your budget. Namely, a PPC software directory that can build brand awareness and maximize your online exposure. Here are the 8 most notable advantages of listing your LMS on a PPC directory:

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Free Exposure For Your LMS Platform

You have the opportunity to promote your product for free through a PPC directory, though you can achieve more significant benefits by upgrading to premium placement. Here are some of the perks you can achieve, even with a free listing:

1. Increase Brand Awareness

Display information about your product, its unique selling points and consumer benefits. A PPC directory also builds awareness for your LMS brand and enhances credibility. The key to establishing a solid online reputation is full transparency. A PPC directory listing includes all the need-to-know information so that prospects can make a better-informed buying decision. Each eLearning Industry listing features a general overview, feature checklist, and pricing breakdown. Visitors are able to click through to your sales page directly, as well as filter their results to identify their top contenders.

2. Gather Reviews

An online directory allows you to collect reviews for your LMS platform. Thus, prospects can evaluate your product’s functionality and features via past user experiences. The more reviews you gather, the more prominent your position in the directory will be. An added benefit of the review system is the ability to gather valuable user feedback. Customers have the option to elaborate on what they liked best/worst about your LMS. You can use this data to continually improve your LMS platform and/or service you provide.

3. Showcase How Your LMS Stacks Up

Most LMS directories have a comparison feature so that visitors can weigh the various options. As a result, your LMS gets a direct comparison with other leaders of your industry. Prospects are able to see how your product is a cut above the rest. Directory users can even view a performance overview that highlights your product’s usefulness, usability, and customer experience.

4. Higher Conversion Rates

LMS directories attract people who are already interested in a new LMS. Thus, you gain qualified user exposure, which leads to higher conversion rates. Visitors know about the benefits of owning an LMS, and you simply need to convince them that your product is a worthy investment.

Perks Of Upgrading To Premium Placement On A PPC Directory

A free listing is a great way to get your foot through the door and experience the benefits firsthand. However, there is a lot to be gained from investing in premium placement, which lands you a higher position in the LMS directory. Here are just a few of the many advantages a marketing upgrade can bring:

1. Immediate Exposure

Many LMS start-ups struggle to find their footing in search engine rankings. Their product has its fair share of unique selling points but prospects are simply unable to find them due to oversaturation in the market. PPC directories give you the power to maximize your exposure immediately. Better still, it’s from relevant traffic sources who are more likely to invest in your product. You’re able to test the proverbial waters, validate your market, and expand your market reach.

2. Measurable Results

Premium placement on eLearning Industry’s PPC directory grants you a conversion pixel in order to calculate a more accurate marketing ROI. You can also make the most of our advanced tracking capabilities by installing a code on your site to measure the results. For example, determine how many site directory visitors clicked through to your LMS product page or how many prospects converted in hot leads.

3. Controlled Spending

Advanced PPC directories provide transparent geo-bidding. You have the opportunity to bid by country or exclude certain markets to gain control of your spending. For example, opt for a more localized promotional strategy or go global, based on your marketing goals. This allows you to spend more on valuable traffic to increase conversions and your LMS market share. Another perk is the ability to adjust your bid to increase your position and get more online traffic. You set a fixed max budget so that you never have to worry about venturing out of your price range.

4. Detailed Reporting And Analytics

Effective marketing strategies hinge on effective Big Data. Premium placement in a PPC directory grants you access to detailed traffic and conversion reports. You can determine what’s working and what’s falling short of expectations, which enables you to allocate your marketing resources more efficiently. An eLearning Industry premium placement listing also offers KPI driven reports, detailed graphs, and CPC metrics.

A premium PPC directory listing can help your LMS achieve its sales targets and get immediate results. Whether you’re a start-up company trying to build an online reputation or an established brand that needs to retain its foothold in the industry, a PPC campaign allows you to edge out the competition and promote your LMS product with minimal resources, making it the ideal addition to your LMS marketing strategy.

Starting from just $0.5 per click, you can reach hundreds of thousands of eLearning professionals and build brand awareness. Not to mention, track every aspect of your online marketing strategy to invest your money more wisely. List your LMS in our PPC directory today and upgrade to premium placement to position your LMS platform for sales success.

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