Posicionarnos SEO y Search Engine 7 Times Park Seo Joon Made Us Swoon Again In Episodes 7 And 8 Of \”What\’s Wrong With Secretary Kim\”

7 Times Park Seo Joon Made Us Swoon Again In Episodes 7 And 8 Of \”What\’s Wrong With Secretary Kim\”


Just when we think “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim” can’t get any sweeter, Park Seo Joon manages to steal our hearts over and over again. His arrogance as the character Young Joon has even become charming and irresistible.

Here’s a look at 7 times he made us swoon AGAIN in this past week’s episodes.

1. “Because you were Mi So.”

This simple answer was so heart-fluttering. It just shows how much he believed in her and wanted to give her a chance from the start.

2. Finding out that he’s been in love with Mi So the whole time

We know that he’s had a soft spot for Mi So while she’s been his secretary, but this particular scene just showed how much he had liked her and since when. He basically fell in love at first sight with her! It’s so sweet seeing how he went out of his way to be close to her when they first started working together.

3. His persistence that they date

For a character who is super arrogant and full of himself, he doesn’t care to let down his pride to ask Mi So out again. It’s pretty endearing that he’s so set on being with her.

4. Being an umbrella for Mi So

It’s really the little things that are so touching when it comes to Young Joon. This moment was so intimate and so sweet!

5. His last line in episode 7

Coming from a man who isn’t willing to put his guard down for anyone, this line was monumental. It showed how much he’s willing to stake and put himself out there for Mi So. It shows how much he really loves her, and we’re totally smitten!

6. The caramels

Such a sweet and subtle thing that I wasn’t expecting at all. When he took Mi So’s last caramel, I thought he was a bit of a jerk, but then he showed up to her house with a box full of them and totally won my heart over. I had almost forgotten about the caramels!

7. Finally… the kiss!

It was super romantic for Mi So kiss Joon Young, and this was perfect for Young Joon to gain the courage to look past his demons to kiss her back. It was an epic moment in their relationship and we know there’s no going back now!

Hey Soompiers, how smitten are you with Park Seo Joon? Let me know in the comments below!

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