Posicionarnos SEO y Search Engine 6 Reasons Why Park Seo Joon Is Perfect For \”What\’s Wrong With Secretary Kim\”

6 Reasons Why Park Seo Joon Is Perfect For \”What\’s Wrong With Secretary Kim\”


Lee Young Joon is a cold, narcissistic vice president of a company who has it all. Yet, he has a soft spot for his secretary Kim Mi So (Park Min Young) who is the only person he can fully trust and rely on.

Through this role, Park Seo Joon became labeled as the king of romantic comedy as he perfectly depicts his arrogant, rough character who becomes flustered and comical in front of love. Here are six reasons why Park Seo Joon was made for the role of Lee Young Joon.

1. 100% character synchronization

In the drama, Park Seo Joon becomes the cold and conceited Lee Young Joon who sings praises of himself every day. Despite the cheesy lines and cringe-worthy actions, Park Seo Joon is able to pull off such acting in a smooth, effective way that makes viewers believe he was actually born to be Lee Young Joon.

2. Classy style

So far, Park Seo Joon has appeared in five romantic comedies: “A Witch’s Romance,” “Kill Me Heal Me,” “She Was Pretty,” “Fight My Way,” and “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim.” In each drama, he portrayed extremely different characters who had various styles. In his latest production, he wears brand name clothing and accessories and has classy hairstyle that perfectly depicts vice president Lee Young Joon.

3. Perfect figure

Not only is Park Seo Joon gifted with handsome looks, but he also has the perfect physique to match them. With a towering height of 185 centimeters, firm muscles, and a nimble body, he superbly matches the expectations of a perfect man in romantic comedies.

4. Sweet chemistry

It’s not easy to pull off the perfect chemistry with co-stars to create a realistic romance, but Park Seo Joon does it once again with Park Min Young. The two actors show natural chemistry through body language and penetrating gazes that makes viewers believe as if they’re really in love.

5. Detailed acting

Park Seo Joon has a diverse range of expressions. His face can mold into various emotions, such as shamelessness, embarrassment, joy, sincerity, anger, and surprise. Therefore, he is able to portray the many sides of Lee Young Joon. In a previous interview, the actor had revealed he brainstorms different ways of acting out Lee Young Joon, such as his way of speaking, the look in his eyes, and gestures, in order to perfectly express his character.

6. Ideal man

The main viewers of romantic comedies are women in their 20s whose ideal type is men who only look at them and do not focus on other girls. In “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim” Park Seo Joon plays the ideal man Lee Young Joon who only has eyes for one woman (and himself, that is).

“What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim” airs on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 9:30 p.m. KST.

If you haven’t yet, begin watching the drama below!

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