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51 Content Marketing Blogs You Need to Bookmark


content_blogs.pngTo be a great content marketer, you’re responsible for more than creating content, sharing it with your audience, and tracking its performance. You’re also responsible for keeping a pulse on what’s happening in your industry, educating yourself on the best practices for improving your efforts, and growing your business. And that requires a little outside reading from your fellow content pros.

Weve written before about the top blogs for content marketers, but because the industry is constantly evolving, we thought a revamp was in order.

So whether youre looking for advice on how to optimize your own content marketing blog, keep up with industry changes, or just become a more knowledgable marketer, these blogs offer something for everyone:

1. Content Marketing Institute: Founded by Joe Pulizzi, renowned content marketing leader, speaker, and author, the Content Marketing Institute blog is the holy grail of content marketing. Its packed with valuable resources for readers looking for original research, studies, and how-to articles, making it an absolute must-read for any marketer.

2. Copyblogger: Copyblogger is a content marketing company with a blog that offers unique and actionable takeaways — particularly for content creators. Readers will find writing, grammar, and creative insights to make their process for content creation easier and more effective — which, as any content creator knows, is extremely valuable.

3. ClickZ: One of the largest resources for marketing professionals across all areas, ClickZ is a must-read for all of your marketing needs. We linked specifically to its content marketing section that contains a vast collection of insights, research, and news.ClickZs mission is to help interactive marketers become better at their jobs, and thats something we all strive for in this industry. 

4. Marketing Agency Insider: This blog comes from Paul Roetzer of PR 20/20, an inbound marketing agency and PR firm in Cleveland. The Marketing Agency Insider blog offers helpful advice for people in the marketing services industry. If youre trying to broaden your industry knowledge, reading this blogs content marketing section is a must. 

5. MarketingSherpa: As a research institution, MarketingSherpa specializes exclusively in tracking what works and what doesn’t in all aspects of marketing. Its findings and other insights are then published on the MarketingSherpa blog to provide marketers with the instruction, inspiration, and data to improve their results. At the end of the day, isn’t that what we’re all trying to do?

6. CMO.com: If you’re a well-established CMO looking for high-quality, thought-provoking insights, this publication is for you. CMO.com covers a wide range of marketing topics that are presented in the form of interviews, Adobe digital insights, opinion pieces, feature stories, and more to help CMOs, senior marketers, and their teams become better marketers and deliver standout experiences in a digital world.

7. eMarketer: This blog should be your go-to site for all things statistics and the first place you look when you need data about digital. Some of eMarketer’s most popular research areas include display ad spending, video advertising, marketing technology, and mobile use.

8. The Content Strategist (by Contently): The Content Strategist publishes intelligent, entertaining, and all-around valuable insights and analysis on topics like storytelling, brand publishing, and content marketing. Not only does it keep readers up-to-date with engaging commentary on current developments, but it also focuses on the future of content and what it means for marketers — something I think we can all get excited about.

9. Content Marketing Insider: Content Marketing Insider by MediaPost is your destination for straightforward analysis and content marketing advice for teams and companies of any size. MediaPost specializes in delivering expert content to readers of each of its 50+ industry-specific publications.

10. Relevance: Relevance covers news and insights about content promotion and distribution for senior-level marketers. Its powered by reputable contributors from the digital marketing industry who offer tips for improving SEO; influencer marketing efforts; and the relationship between paid, earned, and owned media to boost your contents visibility.

11. Convince & Convert: Owned by marketing and customer experience expert Jay Baer (a person we\’ve worked with at Influence & Co.), Convince & Convert is a valuable blog for all marketers. It was named the top content marketing blog in the world by CMI, and we can see why! We love this blog for its witty commentary and opinions on all things digital — especially its section on content marketing.

12. Digiday: Known as “the authority on digital media, marketing, and advertising,” this publication should be in your browser’s bookmarks. Digiday’s articles that analyze recent trends, campaigns, and best practices for content marketers will keep you up-to-date on the latest industry news.

13. Scripted: If you’re looking to improve the quality of writing in your content marketing efforts, this blog is a must-read. Scripted’s blog offers inspiration for content writers and focuses on all things marketing — from advertising to writing to content creation.

14. Quick Sprout: This publication’s focus is on helping its readers increase ROI by driving conversions through content — a content marketer’s dream. We love Quick Sprout because it publishes valuable, data-driven articles to help us grow our business, and it offers advice and best practices for managing a blog.

15. Marketo: Marketo, a cloud-based marketing software program, has a blog that brings incomparable outlooks to the content marketing discussion. Along with results-driven advice on all things content marketing, the Marketo blog features sections on modern marketing, marketing automation, social media, email marketing, and more.

16. TopRank Marketing Blog: This marketing blog, run by digital agency TopRank Marketing, is a valuable resource for content related to digital marketing and public relations. Our team trusts this publication because it’s been consistently delivering high-level insights for over 10 years.

17. Social Media Examiner: Known as the “largest online social media magazine,” this site publishes helpful articles on how marketers can connect with customers, drive more traffic, generate awareness, and increase sales. We love Social Media Examiner’s content marketing information because it offers advice that helps us focus on creating content that’s engaging and shareable.

18. HubSpot: If you’re looking for expert insights on using content as fuel for your team’s inbound marketing funnel, HubSpot’s blog content is for you. Each blog — Marketing and Sales — provide detailed, actionable articles to help you and your team improve your efforts by creating better content and using that content as material to nurture leads.

19. Social Media Explorer: This blog, devoted to — you guessed it — social media, covers the issues most relevant and valuable to social media and digital marketing. Readers will find useful advice for developing digital content and increasing its ROI.

20. Drew’s Marketing Minute: With more than 25 years of agency experience, Drew McLellan delivers unique and valuable expertise from his work with clients like Nabisco, Make-A-Wish, John Deere, and more. On his blog, you’ll find articles that deliver insights and advice on brand storytelling and writing.

21. Sparksheet: An award-winning multiplatform magazine, this site focuses on the “human” side of content marketing by delivering content with a customer-centric approach. It provides original and detailed analysis on how brands apply relevant content in their campaigns, and it solely concentrates on content, media, and marketing.

22. Grow: Grow is Mark Schaefer’s award-winning blog that discusses marketing, social media, and humanity. His blog philosophy is based on the fact that marketers want to help their businesses grow. His focus on ROI — whether it’s for reputation, profit, or general world impact — demonstrates that philosophy.

23. Brian Solis: Brian Solis, a principal analyst and award-winning author and speaker, runs this blog that shows readers exactly how emerging technologies affect business, marketing, and culture. From disruptive technology to new communications to the future of work, a variety of topics are covered on this site. This blog delivers thought-provoking insights that prepare readers for tomorrow.

24. Content Standard: Developed by Skyword, this blog covers topics unique to the content marketing industry. Some must-read sections include storytelling, video content, and mobile marketing. The layout and design of the Content Standard makes this blog as easy to navigate as it is valuable to read.

25. CoSchedule Blog: This blog is run by CoSchedule, a company that helps bloggers, editors, and social marketers plan their content by providing editorial calendars for WordPress. Browse the CoSchedule blog for advice on better blogging practices and tips for repurposing content, maintaining your blog, and distributing your content. Note: CoSchedule has worked with Influence & Co.

26. Copy Hackers: Much like Copyblogger, this publication offers specific advice and takeaways from the perspective of a copywriter. The three main focuses of this publication are freelancing, copywriting, and growth marketing.

27. Heidi Cohen: When it comes to marketing, Heidi Cohen has a wealth of knowledge, and her experience working for brands like Citibank and The Economist makes her an excellent resource. Readers of her blog will find actionable advice for better content marketing.

28. EContent: EContent is an award-winning publication geared toward executives and decision makers in a variety of marketing sectors. It covers all aspects of the digital content marketing industry and provides marketing professionals and managers with the advice they need to create successful content campaigns.

29. HiP: HiP’s writers are specialists in lead and demand generation from content. We’re big fans of HiP’s infographics and blog posts, whose topics range from email marketing to lead generation and nurturing to B2B content creation.

30. Duct Tape Marketing: This popular blog is a must-read for owners of small businesses or members of small marketing teams. Duct Tape Marketing offers strategies and tactics specifically designed to help small companies succeed. Readers will find comprehensive articles and guides, and while its blog covers a variety of small business marketing tactics, its content marketing section is helpful for any marketer.

31.Smart Blogger: This blog teaches businesses how to grow their audiences and become thought leaders through high-quality content. Founded by Jon Morrow, a former associate editor at Copyblogger, this popular publication offers advice on intentional and strategic blogging that delivers results.

32. Content Marketeer: Kapost is a B2B marketing operations system that specializes in powering world-class content and driving business success. Its blog, the Content Marketeer, offers insights into content marketing, SEO, brand awareness, and more.

33. The Marketing Scope: The Marketing Scope encourages marketers to take a closer look at their personal marketing strategies and goals by providing research and best practices on the latest trends and techniques in the field. This blog’s articles provide facilitative advice and insights to improve content marketing efforts.

34. Marketing Tech Blog: This blog features thought-provoking and insightful technology news, trends, and advice in all areas of marketing. Its sections range from analytics and e-commerce to social, but we linked to its section on content specifically, which offers tech tips you can apply right away to help your team create successful content campaigns.

35. The Orbiter: Orbit Media Studios’ blog, The Orbiter, covers content marketing topics like digital strategy, analytics, distribution, and SEO. This publication is a valuable resource for marketers at all stages who are looking for expert advice to improve their content marketing.

36. Branding Strategy Insider: If you’re a marketer who’s looking to build a strong brand through content, this blog is a must-read for you. Branding Strategy Insider provides strategic insights into building trusting relationships with brands through customer relationships, segmentation, storytelling, and more.

37. Kissmetrics: The Kissmetrics blog is guaranteed to give you comprehensive content related to marketing analytics and testing. Its detailed, helpful guides on various strategies and tactics make it a necessary website for content marketers who are ready to test and optimize their efforts. (And if you like this blog, check out our recap of the webinar we hosted with Kissmetrics: “From Ideation to Publication: How to Incorporate Data Into Your Content Strategy.”)

38. Buffer: Our team can honestly say that this blog is one of the most helpful and entertaining ones we regularly read — it’s a must for every marketer. The Buffer blog provides unique, thorough, data-backed perspectives on productivity, customer happiness, writing, and life hacks to provide readers with an understanding of the best practices in marketing strategy.

39. Marketing Experiments: Marketing Experiments was the first internet-based research lab to conduct experiments that dealt specifically with optimizing marketing and sales processes. Its blog complements its research team’s findings, and its content includes optimization-related experiments; case studies; and additional news, insights, and interviews.

40. The Moz Blog: The Moz Blog is popular among all members of the marketing community, regardless of experience level or position. It was started by Rand Fishkin, founder and former CEO of Moz. Through actionable blog posts and now-famous Whiteboard Friday videos, Rand and his team offer marketers a unique look at the latest in SEO and inbound marketing.

41. Unbounce: Want to learn how to optimize webpages so you can lower bounce rates and increase conversions on your content efforts? You need to check out this blog!

42. DMN: This well-known publication offers results-driven strategies and trends for marketers. Its content marketing section contains a variety of useful articles contributed by industry professionals to provide readers with the expert advice they need.

43. The IMPACT Blog: IMPACT is an award-winning inbound marketing agency, and its blog delivers helpful ideas, trend analyses, and how-tos on everything from sales to strategy.

44. Distilled: In addition to its informative articles for beginner marketers, Distilled also dives deep into technical areas of the industry, including SEO, online marketing, PPC, web analytics, social media, and more.

45. MarketingProfs: You didn’t think we’d compile a list of the top blogs and forget MarketingProfs, did you? Run by chief content officer Ann Handley, MarketingProfs contains thousands of articles that offer exceptional expertise and advice regarding the marketing industry. So read an article, listen to a podcast, purchase an online seminar, download a marketing guide or report — whatever your preference, you can find it on MarketingProfs.

46. Danny Brown: Danny Brown, a father, husband, award-winning marketer, and author, offers unique insights into the social side of marketing and where it’s going, as well as what this means to us as humans. Danny believes that there’s more to life than social media, and his blogging approach focuses on the importance of being good people and how to be better in all aspects of our lives — whether its business or just our day-to-day.

47. Chief Marketing Technologist Blog: Started by Scott Brinker, an entrepreneur at the intersection of marketing and technology, this publication focuses on marketing, technology, and management. Brinker believes that marketing organizations should infuse technical capabilities into their DNA, and he writes content that addresses the different aspects of this transformation.

48.: Shareaholic has something for every marketer. With its large, rapidly growing network, this publication offers information on blogging, content marketing, social media, content creation, product updates, content promotion, and more.

49. Social Media Today: This blog is a key resource for professionals whose marketing efforts depend on a deep understanding of all things social media. Social Media Today encourages posts and dialogue on social networks, marketing and advertising, technology and data, social business, and more — with a primary focus on the intersection between social media and business.

50. Marketing Insider Group: The Marketing Insider Group, founded by Michael Brenner, relays its team’s expertise and experience building successful marketing programs while addressing the internal challenges that come with it. Check out this blog for advice and insights on content marketing and strategy.

51.Advertising Age: Ad Age is a leader in giving marketers and media professionals the thoughtful analysis, trend evaluations, and inspiration they need to stay ahead. Every content marketer should follow this blog to stay up-to-date in this ever-changing industry.

Continued education and lots of reading help make us better content marketers — we just have to know where to look. These are some of our favorite resources, and we’re sure that you’re ready to subscribe to at least a few of these blogs. Be sure to share your favorites with us in the comments and fill us in on any we missed!

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