Posicionarnos Content Marketing Curation 50 Best Content Marketing Brands of 2018 – The NewsCred Top 50

50 Best Content Marketing Brands of 2018 – The NewsCred Top 50


In fall 2017, it released the IKEA Place augmented reality app, which lets customers see how more than 2,000 pieces of furniture would look in their homes. The experience is actually really great since it\’s somehow true to scale, which helps users avoid putting together an item only to realize it\’s a smidge too big for their space.

As the U.K.’s largest tech company, Sage specializes in financial software that enables small and medium business owners to run their companies on laptops or mobile devices. Sage\’s mission is to help these organizations and entrepreneurs flourish in the face of harsh statistics – like the fact that half of all new businesses fail within their first two and a half years, according to Sage’s EVP of Digital Marketing Neil Morgan.

“Imagine if you could help some of those businesses who run out of cash because they don’t know how to manage it, don’t know how to do their taxes, or how to get an invoice paid on time,\” says Morgan. \”What could that do for our economy? That was the vision and objective we had.”

That very idea that has guided the company’s content efforts for the past two and a half years – including last summer’s launch of the Sage Advice content hub, complete with the tagline: “Wisdom for smarter businesses.”

Sage Advice repurposes Sage’s internal knowledge bank – fueled by 30,000 customer calls per day – to create a data-driven, cost-effective strategy that puts audience and customer needs first.

“We’re already seeing about a third of the traffic coming to us from organic search terms,” Morgan says. And “just in the last quarter, we had about 145,000 business leads sourced directly from [the site].”

What’s more, Sage recently published a sleek, interactive site and accompanying print piece titled “The State of Small Business,” an original report detailing the current climate surrounding independently run companies in the U.K.

And with a relatively tremendous presence on social – including 44,800 Twitter followers, nearly 700,000 Facebook fans, an active YouTube channel, and more than 3,600 Instagram followers – fans, customers, and curious folk can tune in across the board to catch their pearls of Sage\’s business wisdom.

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