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12 Best Content Curation Tools to Boost Social Media Engagement


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Content Curation is the act of finding, sorting and gathering relevant information from various different sources.

The main purpose of curating content would be to engage your audience with relevant content and substantiate your expertise in that particular field.

Once you have acquired a good following on social media, it is very important to keep your audience engaged and if not, many will unsubscribe. In this process, many of us run out of quality material to share with our followers, because of which we might resort to sharing repetitive content or completely restrain from posting anything.

To help with this issue, here are the best content curation tools available to you on the web:

Disclaimer: This list of tools is in no particular order.


Pocket is the simplest tool that lets you save all your content links in one place, in an organized manner. The main aim of this tool is to help you save all your “read later” links, be it videos or articles. It is a simple bookmarking tool that helps you take the burden off of your browser’s bookmark bar.

Pocket provides you with a Google Chrome extension and once installed, lets you save images, videos, and articles in an organized way. This saves all the clutter from messaging such links to yourself to serve as a reminder for you to view them later. You can specify groups and tags that can keep all your links organized. You also have the option of downloading their mobile app so you can sync your bookmarks with your mobile phone and access these bookmarks offline too.

Pocket is a free content bookmarking tool that also lets you save from apps like Twitter, Zite, Clipboard, and Pulse.


Buffer is known to be the leading app for scheduling content. It lets you schedule content in advance so that you can always keep your social media channels active without having to be online all the time.

Buffer is the app for you if you wish to increase engagement, drive traffic and save your time in the process. While most people only use Buffer to schedule posts, Buffer also offers you the option to get quality content as per your liking. You can add your favorite blogs to share with your social media followers via a website or RSS feed’s URL. Buffer will then fetch all the articles on a regularly in the “Content Inbox” tab. From here, all you have to do is click on Add to schedule the content that you want to publish.

You can also use Pocket and Buffer for your curating efforts. Use Pocket to save your links and Buffer to schedule the same.


ContentGems is a content curation tool for advanced content marketers.  It enables you to automatically find content that is in your niche and share it everywhere.

With this content curation tool, you can find and share quality content with ease. It is deemed to be one of highly popular content curation tools. It provides you with access to over 200,000 RSS feeds from which you can find relevant content by searching with your desired keywords. ContentGems lets you monitor various websites and Twitter accounts, build your own custom bundle and share this content through Buffer, HootSuite, Feedly, Sendible, Campaign Monitor, MailChimp, Slack, and much more.

ContentGems is a free platform that lets you add 20 custom RSS feeds, subscribe to weekly email digest and much more. This tool also offers a “Business” plan for $99/month and “Agencies” plan for $199/month.

ContentStudio helps you with building your website with fresh and viral content that will increase traffic and engagement.

This is a content curation and content automation platform that will share content in the form of articles, videos, and quizzes on your blog and social media. You can discover your niche content and filter them by media type, virality and number of social shares. You can also setup your custom schedule and frequency so that the tool can automate the publishing of saves content. Content is automatically shared on your WordPress Blog, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. It also provides you with WordPress featured image that is a unique feature.

The pricing ranges from $97/month, $297/year and $497 for a lifetime.


Flockler is a content curator and also a content aggregator. This tool enables brands and businesses to create engaging content.

This tool aims to make social sharing fast and simple. You can create your own social hub where you can engage your customers, fans, and followers. With this tool, you can automatically collect and curate content from \\social channels and publish along with curated content from around the web. You can also integrate curated content into existing sites or as a standalone website. It helps you set up automated feeds to store content published on social channels; Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook.

Flockler offers a 30-day free trial after which you have to choose your plan from Lite (49 € /mo), Basic (99 € /mo), Pro (299 € /mo) and Premium (499 € /mo).


Feedly serves as a replacement for Google Reader. It is a boosted RSS Feed and helps you browse and share content from your preferred new sites, blogs, feeds, YouTube channels and more.

Search for your favorite sources via keywords and save the ones you like. You can sort this saved content into collections to have it more organized. You can build your feed in two different ways. One way being you can copy-paste the URLs you want to follow and have all the content in one place. And the other way by using Feedly’s content aggregation function by selecting a prebuilt list of sources that you can readily follow. You can sort all your sources and organize them into various categories.

This content curation tool does it all. It enables you to organize, read, search, save, share and discover quality content. It is a free tool and also offers a Pro plan for $5/month.


VidTab is a one of a kind content curation tool. It is exclusively for curating videos. You can setup your own custom video lists and share it.

VidTab is a simple tool that helps you save your videos and helps you promote your business, blog, website or YouTube channel with your very own curated video list. It is SEO and SMM optimized. It is an easy to use tool and all you need to do is click on “Add New” button to create your video list. You can further customize this list by adding description, custom thumbnail and slides. A key feature of VidTab is that you can earn money from its built-in Ads Share Program.

This is a free content curation tool.

Curated.co is a content curation tool that lets you grow your audience, promote your product and make money through sponsorship.

Its quick capture and editing feature makes saving links and managing them very easy. It also offers analytics that points out your most popular links and other reader insights that will help you understand your audience better. You can track your audience growth and monitor all related data with the audience management feature. An added benefit that is offered is their sponsorship. As your publication grows, you will be able to earn significant revenue via Curated’s sponsorship.

Curated.co’s pricing is based on the number of subscriptions and ranges from $25 a month to $399 a month.


DrumUp is the complete package. From management to scheduling, this content curation tool does it all. It aims to be your social media manager and save your social media management time by up 90%.

DrumUp helps you manage your LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook accounts. It provides you with relevant content based on keywords provided by you. You also have the option of setting up RSS feeds or manually save links to your library. Once this is done, you can schedule your favorite posts across your social media channels easily with their 1 Click Add feature. This process can be automated by RSS feeds of your favorite blogs. This tool’s in-depth analytics helps you determine the most popular content and helps you optimize your content curation efforts for best engagement.

DrumUp offers a free trial after which you would have to upgrade to their Starter, Pro, Small Business or Agency/Large Business plan.

This content curation tool uses data semantic technology that aids you in finding relevant and quality content efficiently. This tool is best suited for small businesses and people looking to build their personal brand.

Scoop.it offers both content curation as well as content marketing automation service. It helps you discover content instantly via keywords, curate, edit & share content across your social channels and also give you the option of embedding it in your website. The content marketing service provides you with predictive insights that will help you generate more traffic and engagement. An added feature of this content curation tool would be its accurate ROI measuring tool. This feature helps you to get the most from your curated content.

This content curation service is free and also offers Pro Annual and Business Annual plans.

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Elfinite is a content aggregation tool that helps you to find the most valuable content and share it across your social media channels.

You can scour the internet and group content in the form of a list of links that are the most popular right now. The popularity of the content is measured by the number of facebook shares, the number of votes on Reddit, popular on Imgur, etc. Users can then share their favorite link in their channels. It covers various content sources such as Reddit, Dribbble, Tech Crunch, Flickr, Behance and much more. it solves the problem of spending too much time in the clutter of content on the web to find quality content.

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Curata is a content marketing and content marketing software. it is a popular choice amongst many marketers due to its ease of use and quickness.

It houses a self-learning engine that helps you discover quality content. This tool is very simple to use as you can easily find, save, and organize your content in just a few clicks. It aims to provide you with the highest quality content so that you can get the best engagement. Once you have your quality stream of relevant content, you can share it across your various social channels to engage your followers and increase traffic. It also enables crowdsourcing from across the organization.

This content curation tool aims to scale your content marketing to grow leads and revenue. You can sign up for a free demo on their website and get a quote as per your requirements.

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This is our list of the best content curation tools to help you with your Social Media Marketing efforts and boost your engagement.

Comment below and let us know your favorite tools.

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