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10 Instagram Accounts Entrepreneurs Should Follow


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Being an entrepreneur isn\’t always easy or glamorous – in fact, there will likely be many days when you wonder if it\’s worth it. When these days arise, it\’s important to focus on what\’s positive and seek inspiration.

With some help from technology, motivation has never been so accessible. From podcasts to social media, there are many ways to gather the inspiration you need. Business News Daily talked to entrepreneurs, and here are 10 Instagram accounts they recommend for a daily dose of inspiration.

You probably recognize Daymond John as an investor on \”Shark Tank\”. He\’s also a businessman, author and motivational speaker.

\”Well-known shark provides a great motivation for those who need it on a daily basis – entrepreneurs,\” said Jakub Kliszczak, editor at CrazyCall.

As a business strategist and photographer, Jasmine Star\’s Instagram feed includes crisp photos and inspiring captions.

\”Jasmine Star puts out the most amazing photos, but most importantly, she always shares inspiring stories about her entrepreneurial journey,\” said Sharell Weeams, business and marketing strategies at Sharell Weeams Coaching.

Feuza Reis, director of brand communications and social marketing at Next Level Marketing, agrees. \”[Jasmine Star] teaches Instagram tips, branding and marketing. She has some of the best captions in the world,\” Reis said.

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HoneyBook is a proactive CRM that\’s designed for creative businesses to manage clients from initial inquiry to final invoice, said Deborah Sweeney, CEO of MyCorporation.

\”The account peppers inspiring quotes alongside tips and advice for getting started as a \’creativepreneur.\’ It\’s bright, colorful and features individuals from all walks of life,\” said Sweeney.

Grant Cardone is an author, real estate investor and creator of the 10X approach. His Instagram account features entrepreneurship tips along with motivational speeches and quotes.

\”Grant is a well-known real estate investor and sales trainer whose daily posts are not only inspirational, but they open up my perspective as to what is possible in business and in life,\” said Jeff Proctor, co-founder of DollarSprout.com.

Tim Absalikov, co-founder and CEO of Lasting Trend, also follows Cardone for his \”sales tips and a kick in the backside.\” 

Rachel Hollis is an author, podcaster and founder of The Chic Site. Her Instagram feed includes inspirational quotes, pictures of her family and updates about her podcast and books.

\”As a business owner, mother and passionate entrepreneur, I love to follow Rachel Hollis to kick-start my day. The crisp, clean images with the inspiring verbiage copy leave me wanting to rise and grind,\” said Kelley Legler, owner of Baby Jack & Company.

Girlboss provides content on work, money, wellness and beauty. Its Instagram bio notes it\’s a platform for redefining success through content and community.

\”Girlboss is another community for women where they share inspirational quotes from other female entrepreneurs,\” said Tracy Memoli, co-founder of Fruta Pop. \”They also share advice on a ton of useful topics including money and self-care.\”

Richard Branson founded the Virgin Group, which controls more than 400 companies. His Instagram feed includes motivational and inspiring quotes along with personal photos.

\”Great dose of entrepreneurship motivation and inspiration. If you want to learn, learn from the best … there is no better person to learn entrepreneurship from than … Richard Branson,\” said Kliszczak.

Mark Thorsen, CEO of Market Inspector, agrees. \”He\’s one of the coolest entrepreneurs who doesn\’t like to say no to any potential opportunity. His Instagram truly depicts his personality and is a great source of inspiration for millions of entrepreneurs.\”

Morin is the founder and CEO of Brit + Co, which is a media company designed to inspire, educate and entertain real women.

Kristen Lueck, editorial communications director at Remedy Review, follows Morin for \”a reminder that it is possible to balance running a successful, multi-million dollar business with family and fun. 

Gary Vaynerchuk is an author, speaker, internet personality and serial entrepreneur. He leads VaynerMedia and VaynerX and is known for his digital media and social media expertise.

\”His inspirational content is enough to drive you to your to-do list and get going in the morning,\” said Ashley Rector, founder of Harness Magazine.

Many other entrepreneurs recommend following Vaynerchuck, including Lueck who follows him for a daily dose of inspirational realism. 

The host of business podcast, \”Goal Digger Podcast,\” Kutcher\’s Instagram account typically features pictures of her along with inspiring captions and tips.

\”Jenna Kutcher is the queen of marketing. Her email marketing courses and Instagram classes are one of the few to be backed with her own real results,\” said Kim Cruickshanks, co-founder of Cooking Gift Set Co.

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