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May 4, 2019

The new Creative Commons search engine is out of beta, with more than 300 million images!

AOC endorses Elizabeth Warren’s Big Tech breakup plan

Elizabeth Warren wants to break up Big Tech , a thoroughly excellent idea with many devils in the details: AOC backs her play: “Facebook as a basic communications platform while also selling ads and also being a surveillance platform. Those functions should be broken up, but how that gets levied and how that gets approached is […]

Wil Wheaton and R Stevens’s mashup tee: Trek Side of the Moon

From the fevered imaginations of Wil Wheaton and R. (“Diesel Sweeties” Stevens: The Trek Side of the Moon tee: $28.

Skull fence-toppers for your haunt or garden

The Build Cave is a California-based prop-maker whose Etsy store is focused on decor for haunters with an emphasis on haunted, vintage elevators (!!), and which includes these delightful resin skull fence-toppers designed to be affixed to PVC pipe verticals and painted; they’re $95/dozen. (via Creepbay)

This innovative music service curates songs for productivity

Want to focus more at work? Some of us put on a little music, whether it’s to tune out the chatter at the office or get us comfortable in front of the computer at home. And that’s great – we all have our favorite songs. But if they’re not helping you actuallywork, what’s the […]

This super-clean sponge scrubs without collecting bacteria

We shouldn’t be surprised that sponges – the very things you use to clean dishes – are breeding grounds for odor and germs. It’s a sponge, after all. It absorbs things, including all that muck from your plates. Which is why calling the Better Sponge a sponge is a bit of a misnomer. It’s definitely […]

Get these lightweight Bluetooth earbuds for over 70% off

Wireless headphones aren’t a mind-bending thing anymore now that Apple made them the standard thing-to-be-outraged-over-in-the-new-iPhone fare, thereby killing the cool factor. But let’s be reasonable here. Wires really are a pain when you’re running, trying to get off the bus, or even just standing up from your desk. Wireless headphones make sense, they just don’t […]

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