The line between subdomain leasing and alternative revenue strategy – Search Engine Land

Sites operating under a subdomain or subfolder of another brand are attracting attention from SEOs as well as search engines. This trend has most recently involved coupon sites that use a subdomain of well-entrenched media outlets, but could potentially be applied to any number of industries. Global Savings Group’s CNN and Business Insider coupon sites … Leer más

Esperanza para el chorlitejo patinegro en las salinas gaditanas – SEO/BirdLife

Gracias al proyecto SaltPan Initiative se ha mejorado el hábitat del Ave del Año 2019. Salarte, SEO/BirdLife y la Universidad de Cádiz han realizado las acciones de restauración. SaltPan Initiative es una iniciativa internacional de la fundación MAVA y BirdLife International para la conservación y mejora de las salinas costeras en la región mediterránea. La … Leer más

51 Profitable SEO Niches to Dominate with Low Competition

Today I’m going to reveal some of the most interesting online niches where there is a lot of money to be made. These are niches which have a level of competition that allows you to compete, and fast. In other words, I wouldn’t expect to be waiting years (or even months, in many cases) to … Leer más

Amazon vs Google: Decodificación de la más Grande del Mundo E-commerce Motor de Búsqueda – Moz

Una gran cantidad de gente se olvida de que Amazon es un motor de búsqueda, sin hablar de la mayor motor de búsqueda para e-commerce. Con el 54 por ciento de las búsquedas de producto que está teniendo lugar ahora en Amazon, es el momento de tomar en serio como la más grande del mundo … Leer más

Top 25+ Viral Videos of All Time – Search Engine Journal

Write about the top 25 viral videos of all time, they said. It will be easy, they said. Turns out, selecting the top viral videos of all time – videos that can also teach useful lessons to marketers – isn’t as easy as it sounds. How to Define a ‘Viral’ Video? For example, if I … Leer más

Remembering 8 Strange Christmas Covers On The 40th Anniversary Of Bing & Bowie

Not only have we really hit the post-Thanksgiving boiling point for Christmas music ubiquity, we’ve also landed on the 40th anniversary of one of the strangest moments ever in television, Christmas, and/or rock ‘n’ roll history. On November 30, 1977 — exactly four decades ago today — the “Bing Crosby’s Merrie Olde Christmas” special hit … Leer más

The Missing Link to Measuring Content Marketing Success – The Social Media Hat

Sponsored Article by HubSpot Do you know how many blog posts one of your visitors needs to read before they decide to sign up for your lead generation offer? Are you able to measure which sources and offers are leading to business results? This is an issue that has plagued businesses and marketers for years. … Leer más

Graham Baylis – Search Engine Marketing Consultant – Serendipity Online Marketing

Graham Baylis was born in 1957 and has therefore seen the birth of the Internet and experienced at first hand, just how it has changed the World we live in. His first exposure to Computers was in the 1970’s when he bought a Sinclair ZX81, progressing over time to the Amstrad CPC 464. However, it … Leer más

How to Do an SEO Competitor Analysis [Template Included]

If you’re planning a new online venture, or are simply sick and tired of losing to competitors in organic search, then you need to do an SEO competitor analysis. Your competitors are a goldmine of information that can inform every aspect of your SEO strategy and help to skyrocket your website’s organic traffic. In concrete terms, performing an … Leer más

14 Ways to Build Links Through Content Marketing

Let’s face it: link building is tough. And it’s only getting harder. If you want to rank in 2018, you need a great link profile pointing to your domain. However, given the fact that earning links isn’t getting any easier, it can often be hard to know where to focus your efforts to gain maximum … Leer más