Beyond conventional SEO: Unravelling the mystery of the organic product carousel – Search Engine Land

Earlier in the year, Valentin Pletzer found that Google had begun to show a ‘Popular Products’ carousel for a subset of queries in search results. At the time, many believed that this new carousel was an Ad that Google just hadn’t labelled correctly. But it turns out this feature was in fact an organic result. … Leer más

Los 9 mejores plugin de SEO para WordPress del 2018 <<

Hola chavales!, llevo mucho tiempo retirado del blog por asuntos personales, no obstante hoy te traigo un súper post invitado de Antonio Muñoz de , donde te explica los mejores plugin de SEO para WordPress. Me he quedado sorprendido con el gran trabajo realizado, por supuesto te recomiendo leerlo si quieres aprender un poco más … Leer más

Want to know how Semantic Search Marketing can help your business?

WHAT IS SEMANTIC MARKETING? Semantic search marketing is the new SEO. It allows you to talk to search engines to call out exactly what your website is about. As a result, you can get a positive visual changes in your organic search results.  What does it look like? Why do you care!? We will let … Leer más

Content Marketing for Ecommerce

Many of my recent blogs, social media posts, memes, live seminars, podcasts, videos and online training courses have all been about content creation. (Notice all the different content types I’ve been creating myself?) clearly I am a huge believer in content marketing as it helps you to stand out in a crowded marketplace. Content marketing … Leer más

The Inconvenient Truth About Content Marketing

According to HubSpot, content marketing generates THREE TIMES more leads than paid search advertising. Whether or not that is true, content marketing certainly establishes authority and credibility that paid advertising cannot match, and therefore could easily generate 3 times more sales than paid advertising. But one thing both paid advertising and content marketing have in common … Leer más