65 expertos SEO a los que no debes perder la pista

“Si no estás en Internet no existes”, y para existir y aparecer en las primeras posiciones de las búsquedas es necesario una buena estrategia SEO.  Para que los usuarios te encuentren hay que saber cómo “piensan” los buscadores como Google. Ese es, precisamente, el trabajo de los expertos en SEO. Descifrar y “leerle la mente” de … Leer más

Estrategia de Marketing de contenidos: Una Guía Completa para los Modernos Vendedores

he escrito mi parte de las entradas de blog sobre marketing de contenidos. También he escrito un par de integral de guías en mi tiempo. Pero nunca he combinado los dos-tal vez porque la perspectiva de tratar de producir un análisis en profundidad de la versión de la cosa que voy a hacer para ganarse … Leer más

Top Content Curation Tools: The Ultimate List For Marketing, Social Media, Education & Businesses

You might be wondering, what is all this fuss over the top content curation tools? Before we share the top content curation tools list below, you have to understand why the heck content curation is so important. The 25 Top Content Curation Tools for Marketers Did you know that in 60 seconds the following content is being created … Leer más

Top 16 Content Marketing Tools of 2019

Content marketing is a lot of work. The days of writing an impressive blog article, hitting publish, and watching your page views skyrocket no longer exist. You could write the best article to ever grace the internet and still get less than 100 views. Queue content marketing tools. At the Traffic & Conversion Summit this … Leer más

12 Best Content Curation Tools to Boost Social Media Engagement

ImageSource: DigitalInformationWorld Content Curation is the act of finding, sorting and gathering relevant information from various different sources. The main purpose of curating content would be to engage your audience with relevant content and substantiate your expertise in that particular field. Once you have acquired a good following on social media, it is very important … Leer más

What Happens to SEO When You Stop Blogging?

I’ve been blogging for longer than ten years. Ten years! And I haven’t quit. That’s a long time. I’m not trying to toot my own horn here. I simply want to make a point. Why haven’t I stopped blogging? After all, I get tons of traffic from old blog posts that I wrote two, four, and … Leer más

The Ultimate Collection of Free Content Marketing Templates

Does any aspect of your job intimidate you? For content creators, sometimes the most stressful part of the role can be opening a completely blank document to start a new project. Whether it’s writing a blog post, designing an infographic, or creating an ebook, it’s challenging to start creating a new piece of content from … Leer más

How Raytheon implemented a brand journalism approach to content marketing

I’m always fascinated by organizations that embrace brand journalism, hiring reporters to create content that serves as marketing and public relations. For almost a decade, I’ve recommended that companies of all kinds model their sites not on their peers’ boring old brochure-like approach but rather aspire to becoming like a media site such as Forbes, … Leer más

What Is Voldemorting? The Ultimate SEO Dis

“I’m so tired of all the bad news on birdsite.” “Yeah, there’s just too much about The Cheeto.” Cheeto and birdsite might not be common vocabulary, but the phrases are strangely interpretable. It’s easy to jump from Cheeto to Donald Trump or from birdsite to Twitter. Even more understandable is the attitude that comes along … Leer más

31 Cringeworthy Content Marketing Things That Should Die

If you could pick one thing in content marketing you want to go away today, what would it be? What about the one thing you expect to be going strong in 12 months? That’s what we asked Content Marketing World presenters. Not surprisingly, they had a lot to say. Their responses are diverse and sometimes … Leer más